Timothy’s Surgery

9-11 Timothy  asking for quietMajor Tim salutes

Written Sep 2, 2011

Timothy had his surgery this morning and it went very well and he is resting quietly at the hospital!

As I mentioned in the last entry, as a result of his colon surgery, he now has a temporary colostomy, also known as ‘poop in a bag’.  He should have this for the next six months and then will have another surgery to repair his colon to normal.

Now, the concept of a colostomy is an odd one for some people, but we believe that Timothy is ahead of the curve on this one.

Trend setting … ‘Colostomy’ is to 2011 what ‘fast food’ was to 1960 and the ‘internet’ was to 1995.  For an aging population that is always on the go, where we demand more convenience, this is an idea whose time has come.

Fashion statement … Looking for new accessorizing possibilities?  The colostomy bag offers it.  From having a bag featuring the logo of your favorite sports team, to just adding a splash of color to your outfit, a colostomy bag could act like a new scarf or a hand bag.

And let’s be honest.  Laura and I are not getting any younger, and eventually we may need a colostomy bag, and this will give us good practice. And don’t think we won’t remind Timothy that mom and dad spent six months on bag duty for him when he was an infant.

This colostomy thing could be a real win-win.

But seriously, he is doing wonderfully.  The surgery went very well.  The staff at Children’s Hospital did an excellent job of answering our pestering questions and could not have been more helpful.

The next step is for him to recover, start eating and passing things, and then a triumphant return home.

We are not sure how long this will take, but we are hoping a week to ten days.  We can’t wait.

And just to continue to reinforce that there is no need to feel sorry for us.  We are doing well, we have a little boy, and he is doing great.  And we know that we are so very fortunate, and situations like this just highlight it all the more.

We know this is the start of a long road, and we plan to take the triumphs and the challenges one at a time, and celebrate them all.  And the sooner this kid can get his colostomy bag home, the sooner we can start to spoil him.

Thanks again for all of your prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement.  They mean the world to us and have helped carry us as we begin this new journey.


The Lees

Note:  I am getting heat from certain members of the extended Lee family about a comment in the last posting saying that the Lees don’t test especially well.  For the record, that was meant to be a ‘joke’. I have seen no evidence that the Brandons’ test scores are higher than the Lees’ – only evidence that the Lees are more insecure about their academic record.

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