Bag man

9-11 Timothy  asking for quiet

Written Sep 5, 2011 10:03pm

The key today was for Timothy to show that his digestive system was working post surgery by passing something ‘real’ into his colostomy bag.  Although he had nothing in his bag this morning, he made good progress in the afternoon and the nurses were really pleased.  This was very good!

Meanwhile, Elisabeth and Catherine and I were tired of trying to catch an infection at the hospital and so we went to the next best place – the State Fair.  It was a nice diversion for the kids and a good excuse for me to get to the Fair.

Timothy will be at Children’s for at least another week, maybe longer.  Now that his digestive system is looking better, the focus goes upstairs to the intake, his eating, and making sure that is on track.  But if anything, we’re a little overconfident here.  You see, every family has a specialty — and for us that skill is eating.  He’ll be like a duck to water, and this kid should be teaching the class by the end of the week.

Thanks again for the prayers and nice notes of encouragement.  It’s hard not to wonder if some people logged into the wrong website, but we’ll just assume that the compliments are all true and intended for us.

Counting our blessings,

The Lees

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