Slow down

The mayor of the bathtub once again annoyed at the slow towel service  Nov '11

Written Oct 17, 2011

As we have mentioned in the past, Timothy has a temporary  colostomy bag.  He’ll need a follow up surgery to reconnect his colon to the ‘exit’ (or ‘way out’, for our English friends).  At that point, his digestive system will work normally and he will no longer need the bag.

We met with his surgeon Friday (as a sidenote, this little kid already has more specialists and hangers on than the Kardashians).  Anyway, the surgeon said that Timothy looks great and his stoma (the opening where his bag attaches) looks very healthy.  Good news.  Still, we decided to delay his follow up surgery until February.  That will give him more time to gain weight, which should make the surgery a little easier.

Like many homes built in the middle of the last century, our house has hardwood floors.  This is a charming feature, but makes for a squeaking minefield if you’re a parent trying to avoid waking a newborn or a teenager trying to sneak around.  And I bet we’re the only family on the block where both of those could happen.

Every Tuesday, we receive a visit from Jan (special ed teacher) and Joan (occupational therapist) from the Edina schools to work with Timothy.  The sessions are very helpful and it’s an interesting way to mark his progress from week to week.

In our scramble and sleep deficit, there’s a risk of missing little things (we just realized that we hadn’t gotten our car’s oil changed since March).  But one cool benefit of T’s therapy sessions and the doctors’ appointments is that we are forced to stop and notice little things and celebrate his progress.

Good for Timothy. And a great reminder that the rest of our family needs to pause more often and notice little things and celebrate our progress.Trying to slow down,

The Lees

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