One way to get kids to clean their rooms

Written Oct 22, 2011

Timothy has a tendency to spit up after meals (but let’s be honest, who among us doesn’t?), and so Laura now puts a bib on him during and after meals, which makes him look like he’s going to order shrimp scampi at Red Lobster.  After meals, we hold him upright (not laying him down) to help him digest.  This lengthens feedings by a few hours each day, but the spitting up is probably pretty uncomfortable for the big dog as well.  Hopefully this will continue to improve.

We’re learning how to do infant massage, which will help Timothy with his body awareness and communication.  Joan, his occupational therapist, says that T having lower muscle tone is like most of us having novacaine, and it’s harder right now for him to truly feel his legs or arms.  In the first few months, babies start to discover their bodies and find their arms and legs and how to begin to use them.  The massage will help him with this process, and should also help him learn to communicate, by signaling to us what he does and doesn’t like.  And it’s a nice way to spend time with and connect with him.

Our daughter, Catherine, told us yesterday that she feels out of the loop about how her brother is doing, and gets her most reliable information from this Caring Bridge site.  So either look for more detail in these posts, or maybe we’ll just talk more to our kids.

Speaking of which, Elisabeth and Catherine have been huge helps with their new baby brother, although at times they find creative reasons to be ‘busy’ when Timo needs help.  Never before have the girls been so diligent about doing homework and practicing the violin, piano and tuba (seriously, tuba).  This is an unexpected side benefit.  However, I’m not yet sure I’d recommend having a baby as the best solution for all middle aged parents who want to get their kids to practice their instruments or clean their rooms.

Confused but grateful,

The Lees

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