Playing with Fire

Written Nov 7, 2011

I have never been fond of the number ‘6’.

‘7’ is lucky, ‘5’ is fun, but ‘6’ never did much for me, until last week.

That’s when Timothy started to consistently sleep for 6 hours at night.

I don’t know how long the 6 hour routine will last, but it’s twice as good as the three hours we were getting before.

Six is officially my favorite number.

A night feeding with Timothy is like with any newborn – a sleep coma blur.  And in the morning, his room can look like a crime scene, with an empty bottle here or a stray burp cloth over there.  In fact, Catherine was appalled when she found me one morning (gasp!) asleep on the floor of Timothy’s room.

In more serious news, we had a meeting to discuss Timothy’s assessment by his friends Jan and Joan from the school district.  The baseline for the assessment is a ‘typical’ (normal) kid, looking at both cognitive (mental) and physical development.  The hope is to identify where T may be behind and then to create strategies to help him make progress to get as close as possible to the typical kid baseline.  The cognitive section is like the NFL combine, looking at how he focuses and tracks with his eyes and responds to stimuli.

The good news is that he graded out in the cognitive area well – he appears to be close to what they expect for a typical kid.  Physically, his muscle tone is good for a kid with Down syndrome, but is still below that of most typical kids.  And so his weekly sessions with Jan and Joan will focus especially on his physical development, though will still feature plenty of ongoing cognitive work as well.

This is great news.  It’s also just one early milestone.  As anxious as we are to know how Timothy is going to ‘turn out’, we just need to continue to focus on today.

Years ago, while we were expecting Elisabeth, a veteran Dad told me the ‘secret’ — that boys are tougher when they’re young because they have so much energy, but they get easier as they get older, whereas girls are easier when young but tougher when teenagers.

Not sure what that means for this barn -– overrun by two teenage girls and a little boy.

Should make for some good fireworks at our house the next few years.

Grateful and playing with fire,

The Lees

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