Chitty Chitty FourRunner

Written Nov 12, 2011

Timothy is getting bigger, and gaining good weight.  He now tips the scale at close to 11 pounds (seriously, no more Halloween candy for this boy).  The weight gain is nice to see — he was just under 7 pounds at birth.  He visited his doctor last week and Dr Skallerud said that he’s in the 60th percentile for height and weight for kids with Downs, which is 15th percentile for the general population of kids.

T looks very healthy right now and is eating great, though it was too tough getting him to breastfeed for every meal, and so Laura will nurse him a little each day as long as her milk stays in, but the far majority of his chow will be formula.

Little man’s bag is working well, though we’re a little concerned about his little stomas (the 2 holes on his stomach that attach to his colostomy bag).  We have no experience in this area, so Pat Keegan is going to check it out this week, and hopefully it’s no problem and he can just wait for his February follow up surgery.

Timothy will get his first exposure to a Lee family car trip when we drive 10 hours to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, while our girls will get their first taste of a car trip with three people in the back seat (heck, I bet it’s just as comfortable as having two people back there).

As I’ve said before, like most people we know, we’re scrambling around too much, trying to do too many things.

Especially with Timothy at this precious stage, we know that we need to slow down and stop occasionally.

But how?

We discovered one answer today when our newest driver, Elisabeth, turned onto Chowen Ave and entered weekend legendary status in south Minneapolis.

She was making a normal right hand turn, but in veering to the right to avoid a bicyclist, confused the accelerator for the brake, jumped the curb and got the car hung up on a tall tree stump.

With our FourRunner playing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we didn’t have a choice.

We had to stop.

For the next hour, as we waited for our AAA prince charming to arrive, we witnessed a steady stream of cars, bicyclists and walkers passing and paying homage to what looked like a State Fair exhibit for the car of the future (with the car propped up on the stump, its front end 4 feet up in the air).

They slowed down, took pictures, laughed and tried to come up with a plausible story about what had happened — ironic, since we were doing the same thing.

I’d like to say that I was able to savor those moments with my child, but I was a bit distracted by the prospect of spending my afternoon at a garage and paying a big repair bill (though the final bill surprised me.  Please explain how, when I barely tapped another car’s bumper a year ago, it amounted to $1,200 and yet my daughter uses a tree stump like a lazy Susan and it costs less than a Chinese dinner).

Box score:

Slowed down.

No one got hurt.

No damage to the car.

Good lesson for new driver.

Our car became performance art for an hour.

Pretty dang funny.

The Lees

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