On the road again

Written Dec 2, 2011

Timothy was initiated into a Lee family tradition when he went on his first long car trip at Thanksgiving, driving down to Indianapolis.

The drive started off great.  We left in good time, no major fighting, didn’t hit traffic and Timothy was asleep from the moment we left the driveway.

We were worried that it’d be bumpy, but it looked like it’d be a breeze.

…Until I realized that we only had a quarter tank of gas.

(Pre flight checklist – got all 3 kids, car packed, stove turned off, house locked ….   but forgot to fill the car up with gas)

No problem, I could quickly pull off the road, get gas and we’d be back on the road in no time.

Like flipping on a light switch, the moment the car stopped, Timothy woke up and cried.  And after getting back on the highway it was clear that he had no intention of returning to his slumber, so we pulled off to a Culver’s to eat and feed him.

The first 50 miles of the trip took 40 minutes.

The next 30 miles took 2 hours.

Funny to be at the mercy of a wee man who can’t even support his own head…

But it was an awesome trip and fun to spend time with Laura’s family and some friends and to introduce them to Timothy.  They loved the little tank.

Timothy is getting bigger and more alert and making more sounds and is discovering his hands.  It’s fun to see him put his hands in front of him and just stare at them like he’s saying  “Hey people, hold on – where did these things come from?”

He’s sleeping 8 hours a night, even during our travels.  He seems to wake up from time to time and makes noise, but then calms himself back down and goes back to sleep (wish we could do the same).  He’s also starting to suck his thumb.

He has an intense stare when you feed him and is none too pleased when you take away the bottle, though he’s a good burper (thank goodness it was during a song when he burped in church on Sunday).

He’s eating well, but is still spitting up after meals and so he’s not getting much time rolling around on the ground and playing.  He needs more of that and we’ll get that one figured out.

This summer we were in New York City for a wedding.

After a Sunday evening of bowling (at NYC prices of $450 for 3 adults and 3 kids), we returned to my brother’s apartment.  It was 2am (I know that sounds late for 3 teenagers, but 2am in NYC is like 9pm in the Midwest).

We stepped into the elevator, pushed the button, and got ready to head up 14 floors to bed.

But nothing happened.

And nothing happened.

After a minute, we realized that the elevator was not working.

‘No problem,’ we thought, ‘they’ll get us out of here.’

So my brother pushed the call button.  The concierge didn’t really know what to do, but said he would try to get someone there.

We weren’t panicked – just annoyed that it would take a few extra minutes to get home.

We waited, and waited, and I was careful not to make too many jokes.

We called several more times, each time a little more frustrated.

It started getting warmer in there.

It looked like we might be in there for awhile.

We talked about some other solutions, but basically were waiting to be rescued.

Then I walked over to the elevator door, pulled on it, and it opened up.

And we climbed out.

First takeaway is that if you’re going to be stuck in an elevator, 2am on a Sunday night/ Monday morning is probably not the best time to get quick, qualified help.

But for me, it’s a fun little reminder that there’s a lot of times that we think we need answers or help from outside, when oftentimes we already have what we need — it’s waiting right in front of us.

Oh, yeah — and don’t ever pay that much to go bowling.

Glad to be home,

The Lees

P.S. We finished our Holiday letter, which is basically like this blog. If you want to be on our mailing list, shoot me an email, at jackblee@aol.com.

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