Where’s the beef?

Written Dec 24, 2011

In the 1980s, Wendy’s had a fun ad campaign, ‘Where’s the beef?’

It reminds me of my favorite recent question, ‘Where’s the gift?’

This summer, after telling people about our pending TRBL, many people responded with the word ‘gift’ – kids with Down syndrome are a gift, every child is a gift, etc.

But one friend encouraged me to keep asking the question ‘where’s the gift?’ — to focus on the positives, the lessons, the growth in what might be a tough situation.  Great advice.

I also sat yesterday with my cousins who had just lost their father after ten years with Alzheimer’s, and appreciated their outlook, which was to be grateful —  essentially to find the gifts.

We’ve been awed by the gifts we’ve received with Timothy’s arrival …

From meeting inspiring people to feeling surrounded by prayers and support to opening up our eyes to new perspectives to watching a little boy grow before our eyes, it’s been incredible.

Among the best gifts are our girls, Elisabeth and Catherine, for whom the tsunami of support for T-Rex could easily have felt like a drag.

But from Elisabeth’s comforting initial comment the night of the Down syndrome diagnosis (‘If a Down syndrome baby is coming to a family, we’re the perfect family…’) to Catherine’s acknowledgement that things were getting boring around our house anyway, the girls have been all in from the start.

And while it’s not always smiles and gumdrops at our house, this little family detour would be tough without the girls’ full involvement.  We’re thankful for them.

So as we face new challenges in the future and certainly as we celebrate Christmas as a family this weekend, I’ll think of that sweet old lady from Wendy’s looking over the big hamburger bun and asking ‘Where’s the gift?’


The Lees

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