New Years lessons

Written Dec 31, 2011

2011 has been quite a year for us.

We started the year talking about dog training, a new car and Harry Potter.

We end the year talking about infant CPR training, a new stroller and Goodnight Moon.

We’ve learned many lessons in the past few months, many of which I’ve written about.  Here are a couple more…

We’ve learned to keep things clean for a baby.  For example, I probably should not have insisted that Catherine wash her gasoline covered hands (from mowing the lawn) in the same sink where the baby’s bottles are normally soaking.

We’ve learned that the longtime urban legend about a metal cup ruining a microwave is actually not a legend.  And while we wait to get a new microwave, the kids and I can learn about the nearby appliances called the ‘stove’ and ‘conventional oven’.

We’ve learned that taking a vocal baby to a movie theater has its downsides. Timothy was good during the previews, but once the movie started, he wanted to do a little Harry Belafonte style call and response with me, which might have been fine except that it was a silent movie (‘The Artist’).

(He was probably just mad we wouldn’t go to Alvin and the Chipmunks)

But more than anything else, we’ve learned over and over about patience and gratitude.

We’ve said often that we’re grateful for so many things –- families, friends, support and prayers, T’s good health, our faith, sense of humor and seeing some new perspectives.

The biggest challenge with Timothy is time.  Like all babies, he takes a lot of time and attention.  It’s easy to get frustrated with the amount of time, and to try to do other things while feeding him.  But if you can exhale and relax and just sit with him, feeding Timothy is more calming than a massage.  It’s so settling to have this little guy just staring up at you.  He’s not going anywhere and neither are you.

We definitely didn’t start out 2011 planning on a baby boy, and we certainly didn’t want a Down syndrome diagnosis, but now that we have both we wouldn’t trade them for anything.  We are so blessed, and our lessons and our lives could not be as rich without that extra chromosome (Down syndrome) and this tiny little boy.

Happy New Year,

The Lees

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