Getting the band back together

Written Jan 14, 2012

Timothy breezed through his doctor’s check up this week.  He’s healthy and very active and his pediatrician says he is looking and acting like a normal four month old.  Now our focus turns to his surgery in a few weeks.  He has a great surgeon and we’ve gotten tremendous medical care at Children’s, but we’re still nervous about being in the hospital in the midst of the season for RSV (a bad respiratory virus).  And we’re not looking forward to the tough pre-op procedure to clear out little man’s digestive system.  It’ll also be different than when Timo was first in the hospital, as Laura or I will spend the nights with him at the hospital.  We’re confident that it’ll go well, but we’ll all be glad to have him home for Valentine’s Day.

Timothy is still an easy baby, but has recently been a little crabbier, especially during feeding times, when he mostly lies quietly but sometimes pulls a Jekyll and Hyde thing, grunting and trying to wrestle the bottle from your hands.  Given that he’s also putting his hands in his mouth a lot, we’ve decided that his first teeth are coming in.  We love Timothy’s pediatrician and presented her with our teething diagnosis.  She looked inside his mouth for a second and said “Nope – he’s not even close to teething.”

So much for an easy answer.

Timothy still studies his hands and is figuring out how to use them.  It’s like the arcade game (the Claw) where you maneuver a small crane to pick up a toy.  He moves his hand around and will occasionally bump into his face (“okay, not so close next time”).  He could entertain himself for hours just looking at and playing with his hands.

Initially, Timothy was not gaining weight well, but the boy isn’t missing any meals these days.  In fact, we may ask the surgeon to do a small tummy tuck while he’s in there working on the colon.  It’s one of the miracles of life that all five of his chubby toes can fit on the same foot.  They look like 5 beefy fishermen fighting for space on a boat.

Time may seem to slow down when you’re feeding Timothy, but it doesn’t take long to realize that regular life goes on at its normal pace outside the bubble and household chores don’t stop.  In the backyard, the snow covered volleyball net looks just about ready to be taken down.  And on the mantle, the three wise men and shepherds have been looking at each other all week wondering whether they’ll make it to Easter this year.  We’re just learning to be realistic about what we can get done around the house now that the new sheriff is in town.

My dad is turning 75 years old today, and a few weeks ago my mom got the idea of ‘getting the band back together’.  So all four Lee kids flew down to Phoenix this weekend to surprise Dad.  It’s nice to get everyone together, especially since it’s been over 20 years since we had just the 6 Lees together, with no spouses or grandkids.

It’s another good chance for us to pause — this time to celebrate a great man in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

The Lees

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