Baby girl in 3121

Written Feb 6, 2012

T Day is tomorrow.

The biggest goals for the day before surgery were getting an IV in Timothy and clearing out any chips and salsa left in the system from yesterday’s Super Bowl party.  We expected that the cleanse could be uncomfortable but the IV turned out to be hiccup of the day.  It was tough to get an IV in his feet, which meant some screaming and discomfort for TRBL (and his parents).  And since his arms are so active, the nurse asked about putting the IV in his head.  After a gasp and a few questions, we agreed, and that has worked well.  (and don’t worry, no red hair was harmed in the placement of the IV)

The only issue is that the head IV looks like they put a bow in his hair, and, along with his hospital issued purple outfit, probably has the nurses talking about ‘that darling red haired baby girl in 3121’.

His hands are now encased in little socks to prevent Spiderman from ripping out his wires and scaling the walls.  The problem is that his hands are Timothy’s world.  From frequently examining his paws to constantly sticking them in his mouth, the hands are man’s best friend.  So at first Timothy was a little surprised to see these sheets of white, but eventually just decided to jam the hopefully clean socks in his mouth.

Now Timothy is almost done with his 6 hour cleanse, which has gone very smoothly, and is falling asleep riding the baby mechanical bull (swing), and Laura and I will stay with him for his last night with the  bag.

We continue to receive outstanding care from the nurses here at Children’s and are looking forward to a good surgery at 7am tomorrow.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and support.

The Lees

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