The Bag Fairy

Written Feb 7, 2012

The bag is gone.

The bag fairy came this morning and left Timothy with a scar, ear tubes and an anesthesia hangover.

His ear and colon surgeries this morning went very well and he is recovering in his room, but is still pretty fussy, or maybe just missing his colostomy bag.

He woke up in his usual happy mood this morning, rolling around and making his normal cooing and other noises.  This was good news, except that his mom and dad were lying on a ‘bed’ the size of a piece of toast three feet from him, trying to get to squeeze more sleep out of a restless night.

When I pulled out the sofa bed last night and couldn’t figure out how to get the rest of it to pull out, our great nurse Maren said, “Yep, that’s as far as it goes” … and then Laura was smart enough to quickly call ‘shotgun’.

It’s actually not that tiny of a ‘bed’, but it’s unlikely that Laura and I will be booking this place for a weekend getaway anytime soon.

Being rolled down to surgery, Timothy was just his calm, happy self and was talking and making his funny facial expressions.  The only difference from normal was that he was in a white crib rolling through hospital doors and elevators.

And the surgeries went just great.   The pediatric surgeon (working on his colon) described it as one of his smoothest surgeries, though this is his first year (totally kidding – we have an awesome awesome surgeon).  So he removed the bag and reconnected the colon to T’s rear end, so now he can poop like a big boy.  And the dirty diapers may now flow.  There’s just a little scar (currently covered by a sticker in the shape of a truck) where the two stoma holes on his tummy used to be.

The good news on the ears is that the surgeon was able to put tubes in both ears, which is just what we wanted!  We were afraid that he would not be able to get the tube in the left ear because the ear canal is so small.  Timothy may still not have awesome hearing but it should now be closer to normal, as the tubes should clear out the little bit of fluid that was blocking some hearing and should reduce the chance of fluid building up for the next six months.

Children’s hospital did an excellent communicating with us during surgery.  The two surgeons each met with us before surgery, re-explained what they would do and asked if we had any questions.  They stayed in touch with us by phone throughout the procedure.  This is so important, because as confident as we were about the surgery, you still get nervous if you really think about what’s happening to the little man on the table.  They also gave us one of those hockey puck shaped beepers as another way to reach us, but if it had blinked, I’m not sure whether we would’ve known whether it was our surgeon or if our table was ready at Appleby’s.

After surgery, my mom and sister Amy and Laura and I waited for T mobile’s return from the recovery area back to his hospital room.  After about an hour, we got to see Humpty Dumpty put back together again, rolling into his room without a bag.  No parade waves but still a pretty good entrance.

This afternoon, we’ve just been trying to comfort Timothy as settles in and wakes up from anesthesia and deals with the pain.  He’s been uncomfortable a bunch of the time, but is getting better and sleeping more and more.  Overall, his recovery is looking really good.

The most important thing is that the surgeries went very well and he’ll be back to TRBL in no time.He still needs to show that all of the equipment is working, and that means being here at Children’s for another 4 or 5 days, so maybe Laura and I will get to spend Valentine’s Day with the hospital sofa bed after all.

Grateful for the amazing care of the doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital,

The Lees

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