Timothy tweeted

Written Feb 9, 2012

Timothy pooped this morning!

The surgeon said that the first indication that the colon surgery was successful would be seeing a dirty diaper.  And so since yesterday afternoon, we have been waiting for it.  Looking at each diaper, hinting to Timothy that a little poop might be a good idea.

But nothing was happening.

Until 9am this morning.

After the waiting and build up, it was funny that the event was not followed by streamers, balloons and clowns.

Instead, it was just two tired parents and a baby looking at each other, followed by a confirmation by the nurse in the replay booth.  And that was it.

Oh, and of course Timothy tweeted about it as well.

Also, based on the number of times he has startled to noises around the room, his hearing may be getting better as well.

He was weened off most of his pain medication yesterday and slept through the night last night, as did we, more or less.  Now Timothy is more alert and mostly back to his old self.  But he hasn’t smiled much since surgery, and might not until he discovers who ordered the surgical procedures done on him.  I hope his sisters don’t squeal.

Leaving the hospital for home now requires three things – Poop, Pee and Cool.

Timothy needs to show that, after eating his normal amount of baby formula, he can poop and pee successfully and he can remain cool and comfortable doing so.

Not so easy with your whole family watching.

If he can do that, we could be home as early as tomorrow.

That keeps us on track for our Davanni’s deep dish pizza family dinner Friday night.

Tired but grateful,

The Lees

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