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Waiter, more oatmeal!

Written Mar 25, 2012 We were pleased with the results of Timothy’s Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) procedure on Monday.  Again, the results said that his hearing is pretty good and might be normal.  It seems like he is hearing better, … Continue reading

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Hear Hear!

Written Mar 19, 2012 Timothy underwent his Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) procedure this morning at Children’s hospital.  They said that he has mild hearing loss, but that may be the result of blockage in his ear tubes or some fluid.  … Continue reading

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The Donald

Written Mar 16, 2012 Timothy had an appointment with his pediatrician this week and he’s doing great.  His height is in the 30th percentile (of a typical kid), weight in the 50th percentile and like many in his family, his … Continue reading

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Written Mar 9, 2012 Our meeting with Timothy’s surgeon last Friday went very well.  This is the surgeon who worked on his colon, and he said that everything is healing perfectly and working well.  You can imagine that the way … Continue reading

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Written Mar 4, 2012 Thanks to everyone who plunged, donated, came to watch, took pictures or shuttled kids to and fro.  The 26 members of Team TRBL raised over $7,500, and a total of 4,000 people plunged today, raising over … Continue reading

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La Plunge et le Giraffe

Written Mar 2, 2012 Our Polar Plunge time is at 12:40pm on Saturday.  It’s located on the south end of Lake Calhoun.  The only downside is that parking is like rush hour in Chicago, so be prepared to walk many … Continue reading

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Ding Dong It’s Gone

Written Mar 1, 2012 D arn I      A m P leased that the E lusive, R idiculous R ash A ctually S topped. H ip hip hooray! Timothy’s diaper rash met its match. It was like an arms race between … Continue reading

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