Ding Dong It’s Gone

Written Mar 1, 2012

D arn


A m

P leased that the

E lusive,

R idiculous

R ash

A ctually

S topped.

H ip hip hooray!

Timothy’s diaper rash met its match.

It was like an arms race between the rash and Laura, with each one elevating their game, but there was no doubt that Timothy’s crossword puzzling mother would outsmart and win this war of attrition.  After two weeks of a good fight and colorful language, the rash finally cried ‘uncle’ and retreated, for now.  Thank goodness.

We met today with Timothy’s Ear Nose and Throat doctor.  The wee boy was wiggly and they could not get a good hearing test, and one of his ear tubes may not be working properly.  The doctor said that given Timothy’s less than stellar hearing results, we should take the next step and have him undergo something called an Audio Brainstem Response (ABR) test.  This is much better than a hearing test and confirms that sound waves are reaching the brain and the brain’s response.

Although it sounds like something Dr Frankenstein would do, ABR is actually an easy procedure, though TRBL will be sedated and we’ll have to keep him healthy for it.  But this test will tell us more conclusively if he has a hearing problem.  Right now, we expect he’s fine, and if we get a thumbs down, there are good options to help him.  The ABR is scheduled for March 19th – the day after St Patrick’s Day weekend should be lucky timing.

Under ‘Look how fast the time goes…’ The Lord of the Blog turned 6 months old on Leap Day, and on Saturday, Elisabeth will celebrate her Sweet Sixteen birthday!

Also on Saturday, Team Trouble, will jump into the chilly waters of Lake Calhoun sporting our kelly green Team TRBL t shirts, as part of the Polar Plunge.  Team Trouble, with 26 sink or swimmers, is captained by Shannon Lorenz and anchored by Indiana fun and fundraising ringer Nancy Sonntag, and has now raised almost $7,000 for a great cause, Special Olympics.  Thanks to everyone involved!

Anyone is welcome to come see us jump/swim/ freeze, while Timothy watches and laughs his surgically enhanced and rash free rear end off at all of us.

History may be repeating itself.  Taking a page from Catherine’s infancy, Timothy was being fed yesterday by Laura for a half hour.  When she handed him to me for a minute, he took that opportunity to spit up a small pick up truck’s worth of formula onto my dress shirt.  If I hadn’t been so busy scrambling for a burp cloth, I would’ve been nostalgic for the days when Catherine would similarly save her massive spit ups for me.  The folks at the dry cleaners are amused to see 75% of my shirts and blazers arriving decorated with formula stains.A dip in a freezing cold lake will do us all good.

Plunging gratefully,

The Lees

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