La Plunge et le Giraffe

Written Mar 2, 2012

Our Polar Plunge time is at 12:40pm on Saturday.  It’s located on the south end of Lake Calhoun.  The only downside is that parking is like rush hour in Chicago, so be prepared to walk many blocks, unless you know a guy who knows a guy who knows parking.  Also, the temperatures will be in the 20s — perfect for a day at the beach.  (see the photo section here for a picture of the plunge site)

After our dip in the lake, the hot tub/ changing/ towel snapping should take a half hour.  TRBL will be at both the Plunge and Davanni’s in full force and possibly holding one of his favorite toys, Sophie le Giraffe.  This is an adorable squeaky rubber giraffe that he received at birth and then a friend of my parents was nice enough to bring one back from Sophie’s country of origin, la France (where the toy giraffe is apparently the biggest thing since the Jerry Lewis action figure).  Interestingly enough, the French designer, probably still irked by the whole ‘freedom fries’ thing, made the ‘American version’ of the giraffe much chubbier and paler than its fashionable French cousin.

I guess revenge is best served up as a squeaky le giraffe.

Grateful for Special Olympics,

The Lees

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