Written Mar 9, 2012

Our meeting with Timothy’s surgeon last Friday went very well.  This is the surgeon who worked on his colon, and he said that everything is healing perfectly and working well.  You can imagine that the way they confirm that the plumbing is healing is not the most comfortable (imagine some of the unfun exams at the doctor’s as we get older), but the little guy’s demands of Children’s Tylenol and a wooden spoon to bite down on were met, and he was fine.The doctor said that now that his colon is in shape, Timo can start eating solid foods, though he might need to wait on certain types of Girl Scout cookies.Timothy comes from a long line of good eaters and he has mostly been a consistent member of the ‘clean bottle’ club.  Until recently.You’ve heard of ‘distracted driving’?  Well this is ‘distracted eating’.It’s the equivalent of wasting time by pushing the peas around on his plate.  He leaves the bottle in his mouth, but does things like batting the bottle back and forth with his hands, or stops eating and looks up at you with ‘kitty eyes’, which is a crowd pleaser unless you’re tired and were ready for him to be done eating.Timothy’s had a cold and his Oliver Twist like cough makes you stop and wonder how that big hacking noise came out of that tiny tub of baby.  For his upcoming ear procedure, he needs his ear tubes working, and since one of them is a little blocked, he gets ear drops each night.  But we’re confident that he’ll be ready to go for his procedure on March 19th.The world is a tactile Disneyland right now for Timothy.  He is still discovering things by grabbing at them with his hands, but he has added two new weapons of mass discovery to his arsenal – feet and fingers.Baby Einstein has always been active in kicking his feet but never looked at them much.  Now, he has become a student of the foot.  He lifts each foot up in the air and stares at it just like he stares at his hands.  He’ll also kick or try to reach with his foot if he sees something nearby, like a toy.  It’s neat to see him being more intentional with his feet, but the look in his eye tells me that mom, dad and sisters may be in for a few errant Kung Fu kicks in the near future.The other additions to the discovery toolbox are his fingers.  He reaches with his small hand and slowly opens and closes his little fist, like working the hand brake on a bike.  This is his way of feeling a new surface, and it’s funny to see him put his fist onto a blanket or surface and apply his tiny scratching motion, though our dog might not have enjoyed this trick so much.  When T really wants to put the full court press on a texture, he tries the old double fisted approach.

Sometimes when you’re holding him, you can feel this light touch on your shoulder and look down to see Timothy staring intently at you and scratching at your sweater.  Super cute.

I must admit that I’m concerned about the impact of sports on T.  We love soccer, and so went to Brit’s pub after church a few weeks ago to watch my favorite English soccer team, Liverpool, play in a championship match.

It was an exciting, back and forth game, and Timothy was on Laura’s lap for most of the match.  But a few times, I was holding him, and once, when the Liverpool team missed yet another easy scoring chance, I yelled ‘no’ loudly at the television. Timothy was polite enough to wait for my echo to stop, and then flashed a Diva face, quivered his lip and began a series of loud, car alarm like screams.  I insisted on continuing to hold the baby, though we all agreed that yelling at the TV was not a great idea with the baby on my lap.  But sure enough, Liverpool made the exact same mistake a few minutes later and I was compelled to yell again, and T responded in kind and I agreed to hand him back to Laura for the remainder of the game.

Granted, he’s young, but this kid needs to learn the ups and downs of sports in our family in case the Twins, Vikings or, God forbid, Notre Dame decide to field a good team one day.

Eating solid foods, screaming at sporting events, and scratching people, along with a few random Kung Fu kicks.

It’s shaping up to be a good Spring for TRBL and FAMILY.

Always grateful,

The Lees

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