The Donald

Written Mar 16, 2012

Timothy had an appointment with his pediatrician this week and he’s doing great.  His height is in the 30th percentile (of a typical kid), weight in the 50th percentile and like many in his family, his head size is well above average, the sign of a really big brain.  Everything continues to heal well from his surgery and he has an impressive four inch long knife fight-like scar on his abdomen where his two little red stoma holes used to be.  It’s funny not to see a little colostomy bag down there.

He still has a little bit of a cold but should be ready to go for his hearing procedure on Monday the 19th.  This is called an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), and it will tell us whether he has a hearing problem, by measuring how his brain responds to certain sounds.  He’ll be sedated and we should be out by early afternoon.  We hope that his hearing will be close to normal, but it’ll be good to get it resolved, and to start addressing it if there is a problem.

Timothy should start next week on solid foods.   But it just doesn’t seem fair.  To me, if a kid has to wait for seven months before having his first real food, we should make it worth his while, like a Snickers bar appetizer, followed by steak and lobster.  Instead, this lad’s pot o’ gold will be a small spoonful of oatmeal.

(Actually, his first solid food was almost a piece of lemon Pez candy that fell next to him a few minutes ago while he was lying on his stomach.  That would’ve been fun.)

On the bottle feeding, Timothy’s distracted eating habits continue, which is lengthening feedings.  This is a kid who spent months eating like he was training for a marathon, but has now discovered that there’s a whole big world out there and feeding time is the perfect time to explore and discuss.  Sometimes at feeding time, he’ll act fussy for his sisters and dad but is a little Mama’s boy and polite eater for Laura.

People always comment on Timothy’s red hair.  He has a few long strands that come down into his eyes that are starting to curl.  Those may be clipped soon, but he’s probably still miffed that they trimmed his hair in the hospital, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he forms a ‘TRBL Hair Club for Babies’ to show solidarity with other infants who get their first haircut against their will.  Recently, he’s been getting more hair filling in on the side, but for much of the first six months of his life, his hair was just thick in the middle, and, from the right angle, looked like a Mohawk.  But we brush it to the side so that he sports the illusion of a full head of hair just like The Donald (Trump, not Duck).

I often leave my cell phone at my desk if I’m in meetings during the day.  Even if I have my phone, the gentle buzz of the iPhone rarely gets my attention.  So I didn’t think anything of it when I noticed at 5:30pm on Wednesday that I had a message from Laura from 3 hours earlier.  Except that this time her message was that she was locked out of the house and Timothy was sitting inside the house, crying.


I’d like to say that Timothy used his rolling over skills to kick out a window and let his mom back in the house, but the truth is that she found her key right after she called me and just walked back into the house.

So now I’m learning to pick up my voicemails earlier, and Timothy is learning to unlock the door from the inside.  A nice win-win.


The Lees

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