Hear Hear!

Written Mar 19, 2012

Timothy underwent his Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) procedure this morning at Children’s hospital.  They said that he has mild hearing loss, but that may be the result of blockage in his ear tubes or some fluid.  We’ve been using ear drops every night to try to dissolve the dried blood that was obstructing the tube in his right ear, but doesn’t sound like it worked.  And now the left tube is a little blocked as well.  They don’t think it should a problem to remove the blockages, and hope that upon re-testing, his hearing will show as being normal.

Timothy was sedated for the ABR — Catherine said that he was ‘still loopy’ this afternoon.  When Laura talked with the nurse about the sedative before the ABR, the nurse honestly said that red headed people sometimes require a little bit of extra sedative to get them to sleep (and I would bet that if your initials spell ‘Trouble’, it may take even a little more).The actual test took about an hour, and we were at Children’s for four hours.  The technician put sensors on Timothy’s head to measure how his brain responded to clicks and sounds of different frequencies.  But Buck Rogers did just fine on his first test.

Even though we didn’t get a definitive positive answer about T’s hearing, we got confirmation that both ears are working pretty well – the news could’ve been much worse — and that it’s possible that his hearing may be perfectly normal.

Thanks for all of the prayers and support.

Grateful for good Mondays,

The Lees

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