Who’s the new teacher in the Pampers?

Written Aug 14, 2012

It’s humbling when your infant catches you stealing his teething biscuits.  You confide in him that you can eat a whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, but that doesn’t erase the look of disappointment from the child’s face.  And your explanation that you just wanted to try a bite doesn’t square with the three cookies that he can see in your left hand.  If all else fails, just start talking about the Twins game last night…

Timothy likes to make funny shapes with his mouth when he makes sounds.  He may sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, but the way he talks sometimes reminds me of a scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when Meg Ryan was mimicking Billy Crystal saying ‘paprikash’.  (extra credit — you can imitate the little king – just widen your mouth, put your lips over your teeth, start flapping your lips —  but please, not in a public place).

I‘ve always loved music, and I appreciate finding new bands and different types of music.  So it was nothing new yesterday when I was humming a catchy new tune that has been in my head recently.  Until I realized that it was the song from Timothy’s musical swing.  It was then that I reluctantly admitted that my primary source of new music had shifted — from iTunes to Fisher Price.

Now, everyone knows that babies walk at 12 months.  They just do.

Your girls and most of the kids you know walked at a year.

So when your boy isn’t even crawling at 11 ½ months, you sweat a little.

But it’s no surprise.  You remember the messages that other parents with kids with Down syndrome told you– that their child walked at 18 months, or 2 or 4 years.  They tell you that he’ll walk when he’s ready, and that you just need to sit down and roll with it.

And you can do that, as long as he walks soon.

But you realize that as soon as he walks, you might be tempted to just shuffle your worry to when he’ll finally talk, when he’ll swim, when he’ll ride a bike…

You know that this worry treadmill isn’t helping anyone.

You can see that a big reason for the anxiety is ‘what will other people think?’

And in 10 years, you won’t care when he walked.

You know these things are true.

But like looking at the answer key to an algebra problem, there is a difference between seeing the solution on paper and being able to get there on your own.

It just takes time to learn.

But you know you’ll get there.

In the meantime, try to stop worrying and just do what’s best for the little teacher in the Pampers.

And stop stealing his cookies.


The Lees

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