Toilet paper kingpin

Now all I need is a little snowWritten December 6, 2012

Timothy weathered our drive out East like a champ.  Though he found ways to register his dissatisfaction, such as sleeping less soundly and dumping my Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch onto the rest area floor (5 second rule applied), the kid survived a 14 hour driving day from Washington DC to Madison, WI.  The lad is already car trip tested, with a dozen states and a few long drives under his belt, and these survival skills will serve him well in future family trips, though he’d be wise not to pull that KFC stunt on his Dad again (or at least don’t gloat so much afterward).


The bathroom at home looked like a bomb had gone off, or a bad parade had gone through.  There was toilet paper all over the floor.  No sign of anyone, but after looking more closely at the evidence, it had TRBL’s fingerprints all over it.  The wee lad had unlocked the toilet paper mystery -– that is, if you pull on the toilet paper roll a few times, and then a few more times, you can get a surprising amount of toilet paper on the floor in a short period of time.  It’s the baby version of a slot machine.

Two points that are worth noting here…

1) It may seem as if the young boy was frighteningly unsupervised in the bathroom, and I’ll grant that is a possibility, but it is more likely that one of us picked him up and just forgot to clean up behind him, which is not uncommon these days.

2) T prefers that the roll be placed so that the toilet paper comes from underneath (not over the top).  He just finds the underneath is easier to reach, get a good grip on and yank.


We recently went back to Timothy’s ear doctor.  It seems like his hearing got better after he had his tubes put in during his February colon surgery, and we hadn’t noticed any new issues in the past few months.  As we’ve mentioned, hearing is important for speech development, which is a key milestone for Timothy.

At the ear doctor, they were still not able to get a good hearing test, maybe due to his ear drops or him having a bit of a cold.  More than likely, his hearing is a little worse than normal, but we’re not sure, since he’s been squirrelly or slightly sick for all four of his tests, and so they still don’t have a solid baseline hearing test.  If his hearing is below a certain level, he may need hearing aids.

The doctor checked him out and was surprised to find that neither of his ear tubes, which help hearing by preventing fluid build up, is working.

Bottom line, the boy returns to the well early tomorrow morning to have two new ear tubes inserted.  The tricky part is that, like many people with Down syndrome, his ear canals are very small, and so it’s tougher to get the tubes in (and that concludes my best medical description of the situation).

Timothy will need to be sedated, but it’s a very quick, outpatient procedure and the reigning king of toilet paper should be back carpeting the bathroom floor in no time.


The Lees

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