Redheads have more fun


Pre ear tubes standing             pre ear tubes -- waiting
Written Dec 8, 2012
Timothy’s ear tube procedure went well this morning. It was a little unnerving having him go to sleep on my lap as he took his anesthesia through a mask. But the procedure went well, the doctor got tubes in both ears, and Timothy was up for a drink shortly after the procedure and left the hospital (with us) 90 minutes after it started.
And for the record, even little kids get annoyed at those hospital gowns that open in the back. Timothy was looking down at the silly giraffe designs on his gown and looking back at us as if to say, “Let me guess – this gown only comes in one color.”
The anesthesiologist confirmed what we had heard before – that for whatever reason, red heads require a little more anesthesia to go down than those sleepy blondes and brunettes.  After 15 months with this ginger, we could have told the medical community that fun fact.
We had a nice talk with our doctor, and found that we have much in common. Like us, his oldest child is 16 years old and his youngest is an infant. The only difference is that he has six more kids in between than we do. Wow, and we think we’re tired.


post ear tubes happy hour

Grateful to have the little man back,
The Lees

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