A Tale of Two Waffles

12 -- pulling tablecloth 1

Timothy is 16 months old today, and we celebrated by taking him for a mall walk.  He slept through it.

Timothy has a habit of crawling into the kitchen and pulling cookbooks down from a low shelf.  It gets a little tiring replacing the books, but is innocent fun; a victimless crime.  Until, that is, Laura found this morning that our best recipe for waffles had gone missing.  That’s when the finger pointing began and the yellow tape went up at the entrance of the kitchen.  Needless to say, Timo’s access to the kitchen is being restricted pending the investigation into the missing recipe.  So far, he’s refusing to cooperate.

Timothy went to his ear nose and throat doctor this week, as a follow up to his ear tubes procedure a few weeks ago.  The good news is that the ear tubes are still in place.  The bad news is that when they tried to put sensors into his ears for his test, Timo morphed into a feisty Irish Incredible Hulk.  As a result, they couldn’t complete the hearing test, and we were lucky to get out of there without the technician suing for pain and suffering.

Timothy seems to be able to hear well, but after almost a year and a half, we still don’t have a baseline test result, which means we don’t really know how well he can hear.  And hearing is so critical for speech development that if he has issues, we want to get them addressed soon, like with hearing aids (which the petit Hulk may not be happy to hear about).

And so we agreed with the doctor’s advice to have him undergo another auditory brainstem response (ABR) test in the next month.  This is the same procedure he had last Spring, where they will try a variety of sounds in each ear to see how the brain responds to them.  You never like to have your child sedated, but this is a simple procedure and should finally give us a solid assessment of his hearing.

12 -- opening presents with his sis's

Traditionally, it has been Mothers in Law who have been accused of looking for signs of poor housekeeping.  Well, the mums that I know are nicer than that, and they could never be as judgmental as toddlers.  Now that Timothy is scrambling all over the floor, he stops every few feet and highlights a speck of dirt or piece of food on the floor (which, ironically, he probably dropped).  I can see the disdain on his little mug (“looks like you missed one”) as he chomps on an orphaned piece of cookie from the hardwood floor.

For the past month, Timothy has been perfecting his stair climbing, crawling up the stairs to his sisters’ room.  The little stairmaster can motor up quickly, and is now looking for a new challenge and often treats the stairs as a movable feast.  He crawls up a step, pauses to locate some speck of dirt, holds it triumphantly in the air, puts it in his mouth and continues his quest up the next step.  We think everyone’s a winner on this deal, as it both strengthens his immune system and prevents us from having to vacuum the stairs.

Timothy found a new ally over the Holidays.  In the past week, we’ve done some entertaining, which has led us to drape a green tablecloth over our table.  Timothy’s highchair is often positioned close to the table, which is normally fine.  But a few days ago during his meal we set his extra snack puffs on the table, and he reached out, pulled on the tablecloth, and brought the puffs closer to his high chair (note TRBL caught in the act in photo above).  He got really excited, and ever since, has been grabbing the tablecloth any chance he gets.  It’s as if a whole new world, from salt shakers to his sisters’ homework to the Monopoly board, is within his grasp in his high chair if he just pulls that tablecloth toward him.  It’s like magic.

And we’re happy for his new discovery, but that tablecloth will be gone shortly unless Timothy starts spilling the beans about that missing waffle recipe.

We hope that your New Year starts well and that you will have much to be thankful for in 2013.

The Lees

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