A statement by TRBL

Not everyone digs winter

Timothy Lee released a prepared statement through a family representative regarding the Alabama – Notre Dame National Championship game:


First, I would like to congratulate the Alabama team and fans on their win.  They are without a doubt the best team I have witnessed in my sixteen months on this planet.

Like most Irish fans, I spit up a lot in the first half and was in bed by halftime.

This is obviously a difficult time for me and my family and we ask that you respect our privacy and watch the tone of your text messages.

We love Notre Dame and are so very proud of this team and our University.

Go Irish!

Timothy Robert Brandon Lee

P.S. My Father is rethinking that Zen thing.

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1 Response to A statement by TRBL

  1. Tom and MG Lee says:

    That is fabulous!!  And right on about the spitting up!   We talked to Dan at half time…..pretty grim.   Love you.  Mom

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