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I want to post some good news we got today.

In the past 17 months, Timothy has had 5 hearing tests whose results ranged from ‘poor’ to ‘inconclusive’ to ‘patient refuses to cooperate’.  Today, after 6 hours at Children’s Hospital where Timothy underwent an audiobrainstem response (ABR) hearing test, we got definitive results that Timothy’s hearing is, in the words of his audiologist, “Perfect”!

T pre ABR w toy 1-13

Notre Dame had a perfect regular football season and I talked about it all the time (though maybe not so much about their bowl game).  When a baseball pitcher pitches a perfect game, people make a really big deal about it.  And yet TRBL has been sitting on ‘perfect hearing’ for almost a year and a half before deciding to reveal that small fact in his 6th hearing test.  In a family that can’t keep secrets, this kid is unique… or maybe just stubborn.

Now, these are the early results, like the exit polls on Election Day and we’ll get the official report in the next few weeks, but this is awesome news considering how important hearing is for language acquisition.  We knew that Timo could hear at least somewhat by the way he responds when we talk to him, but we didn’t know for sure that he could hear at a normal decibel level (loudness) and frequency (you can look that one up for yourself).  If he was not hearing in a normal range, among other things, it would be harder for him to repeat certain letters as he’s learning to speak.

Based upon his past tests, I expected that today we would find out that he needed hearing aids.  Hearing aids would be fine, but they’re not cheap and this little squirrel probably would have been swatting at them off constantly.

The great news is that he can hear well, so all we need to do now is to get him to listen.  Grateful,

The Lees

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4 Responses to Perfect

  1. ann michel says:

    that is great news….so happy you shared…..!

  2. Delia Bujold says:



  3. Marta says:

    That is such great news!

  4. Doris Fessel says:

    I was so happy to “hear” your good news about Timothy’s hearing. He is growing up so fast. I send my love to all the Lee”s . From “90” year old Doris

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