T’s got friends in low places

Ahhh 2-13

While he’s not shaving yet, these days Timothy often sports a five o’clock shadow of oatmeal and yogurt after his meals.

It may be those mature looks, but Timothy is sometimes called a ‘flirt’ by adult women.  And yet he is still finding his style with the girls his own age.  We were at an indoor playground, and he was sitting in a little tire swing when someone set a two year old girl across from him.  Let’s just say that ‘playing hard to get’ is not in this boy’s vocabulary, as he showed his affection by immediately reaching across to grab the girl’s hair.  She was not overly impressed with this subtlety of this younger man, and asked that he be reseated elsewhere.

Speaking of relationships, as a parent you know the importance of your child’s friends.  But already, we’re beginning to question Timothy’s direction and the people he’s choosing to associate with.  Granted, he has been sick and that may be clouding his judgment.  But as he was fussing early this morning, I picked him up and brought him in to lie down with his mom.  Shortly after I laid him down, he started crying, and did not stop until Laura handed him back to me, and looked up sweetly at me.  I was flattered, but I advised my client that this was not a wise direction to set sail.  I explained to him that I am a fun car on the weekends, but that his mom is tireless person who keeps his balloon in the air.  I suggested that he push past his runny nose and cold and rethink his plan.  He responded by wiping snot on me and crying.  Quite a charmer.


The Lees

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