The Godfather

T at hotel bed 3-13

Our family’s love of eating can get in the way of learning.  Following a recent snowfall, I handed Timothy some snow – hoping that he would study it, smell it, feel the texture, the cold, the moisture.  But instead, he just ate it, and then let me know that he was ready for seconds.

Timothy has had some kind of a stomach bug the past few days (unrelated to the above snow eating), which has meant dirty diapers and some diaper rash.  He was a little crabby and it showed when I was holding him this evening while Laura and I talked.  She was describing some particularly harrowing Timo diapers from earlier in the day when Timothy suddenly shot her a Godfather-like evil eye.  I guess he’d prefer we live by the TRBL code — ‘whatever happens in Timothy’s room stays in Timothy’s room’.

Everyone has a sound that gets under their skin.  For some people, it’s fingernails against a chalkboard.  For me, it’s the sweet sound of Styrofoam.  But as I was rocking Timothy to sleep last night, the hair on the back of my neck stood up as a sound far worse than Styrofoam filled the air.  It sounded like a high pitched Geiger counter.  I looked around the dark room for the source, only to discover that it was our own little master of ceremonies grinding his teeth together.  He just kept grinding and grinding like a Cusinart.

I didn’t know what to do, but suggested to him that if he needed to work through some stress, maybe tai chi or a spinning class would be better than wearing down his tiny choppers.

T at hotel vent blowing his hair 3-13


Timothy is a grabber.  When we hold him, he grasps at hair, glasses and some dental work.  When we feed him, he’s constantly looking for something he can knock over or pull toward him.  Many are the times he has been sitting on someone’s lap at a meal and pulled a bowl or spoon to the floor.  And so it should come as no surprise when he chose a nice Sunday brunch yesterday to throw his first butter knife, which landed at the feet of the people at the next table.  After some inter table apologies and pleasantries were exchanged, I explained to Timothy that he needs to work on his follow through if he wants to get better distance on his knife throws.

Timothy is combining this love of grabbing things with his desire to put everything in his mouth.  And so his newest hobby is to put the palm of his hand on a surface and then quickly put his hand in his mouth.  It’s like he’s licking these surfaces, which was fine when it was our couch but was less awesome when he touched the wall of a downtown parking garage.

No wonder the kid’s grinding his teeth.


The Lees

P.S. We were just out in Boston two weeks ago and we love that city and its history and people.  Our prayers go out to everyone affected by that tragedy.

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1 Response to The Godfather

  1. coachmaggie says:

    I’m totally with you on the teeth grinding thing. our dentist isn’t worried about it with Shannon’s teeth but I worry about my nerves until she out grows the habit.
    Thanks for sharing your daily joys.

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