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Online dodgeball

Laura got up with Timothy a few times last night.  He’s got a red, runny nose and is enduring a summer cold, allergies or possibly teething (we’re casting a wide net on this diagnosis).  When he started making noise at … Continue reading

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Abe Lincoln

         We often suffer from ‘TRBL hearing’ in our house.  It’s not that Timothy’s hearing is bad.  In fact, although we worried for the first year and a half of his life about his hearing, recent tests confirmed that his … Continue reading

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The Book Swatter

I never saw it coming.  Last week I mentioned that Timothy had started beeping noses.  Then, as I fed him yesterday, Timothy was sitting in his high chair and I turned my back to him to get his milk from … Continue reading

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Paging Dr TRBL

We would not be surprised if Timothy eventually becomes a thoracic surgeon or ear nose and throat doctor.  This boy has such a keen sense of the anatomy of the neck and throat.  If you’re holding him and he’s feeling … Continue reading

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Beep Beep

We drove down to Indianapolis last weekend, where we had a nice visit with Laura’s family.  While Timothy did not add any new states to his road trip list, and sometimes had mixed feelings (as you can see) about being … Continue reading

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