Beep Beep

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We drove down to Indianapolis last weekend, where we had a nice visit with Laura’s family.  While Timothy did not add any new states to his road trip list, and sometimes had mixed feelings (as you can see) about being in his car seat, he was a good sport and enjoyed being entertained by his sisters.

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“Does he have something in his mouth?”

It’s a question we ask many times a day when Timothy gets ‘that look’ on his face.  The answer is pretty much always ‘no, he’s fine’, and we all return to our regularly scheduled lives.  Which is why we weren’t overly concerned when he recently got ‘that look’ on his face.  He wasn’t opening his mouth voluntarily but seemed fine.  Probably just another false alarm.

Except this time ‘that look’ didn’t go away and made us curious, and so Laura opened up the lion’s mouth.  And good thing for that, as her search and seizure revealed that Timothy was storing an 8 inch long loop of hair tape in his mouth.  We appreciate his concern for hair care, but were nervous about his fashion sense if he thought that pink colored hair tape would go well with his red locks.

Speaking of fashion, Timothy visited the eye doctor recently.  A year ago, the ophthalmologist told TRBL that he had an astigmatism in each eye, and that it was very possible that he would be wearing eye glasses by the summer of 2013.  Timothy returned to the same doctor last week, who – after essentially having a wrestling match with Timothy to get him to hold still so she could examine his eyes – gave us the good news that Timothy’s astigmatisms had been cut in half since last year.  This means that he doesn’t need glasses for now.  This is awesome news, but Timothy’s sisters were disappointed that this rosy diagnosis robbed him of a great wardrobe accessory — glasses.  They thought he would look adorable in little spectacles.  But after some discussion, we all agreed that, fashion aside, not needing glasses for now is a very good thing.

The other question for the eye doctor was why his eyes seem to look like they they’re crossing from time to time.  The ophthalmologist said that the reason is the unique shape of the eyes of many kids with Down syndrome.  Because of this shape, it can appear that their eyes are crossing even when that isn’t the case.  This makes sense and may be the right answer, but it’s something that Laura and I want to understand better, while at the same time Elisabeth and Catherine are holding out hope that Timothy will soon be adding some fashionable frames to his wardrobe.

photo (37)

Timothy has been less interested in high-fiving recently, and I didn’t understand why that was until it hit me – our son has turned into a nose beeper.  Almost anytime that he’s within arm’s reach of your face, he may turn to you, his eyes getting big and his mouth opening wide and stretch his hand toward you (not unlike God reaching out to Adam in the Sistine Chapel fresco, though Timothy rarely wears flowing robes).  When Timo makes contact with your nose, he makes a little sound and you are expected to exclaim ‘beep!’, and no sooner has he beeped your nose than he is looking for his next beeper in crime.  This is all fine and entertains him to no end.  The problem is that one of his favorite places to beep is in church.  And that would be okay if it happened once during the mass, or only during songs or other loud parts of the mass, but beeping is a constant threat.  He has a captive audience there, sitting or standing in a line, sometimes a little bored and always ready to play his game.  I feel for those poor people standing near us in church, who must be staring at the flurry of activity in our row, trying to understand this new Catholic ritual and concerned that soon the whole church may be beeping.

Still grateful and beeping,

The Lees

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1 Response to Beep Beep

  1. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Well, talk about cute pictures!! Timothy is every bit as photogenic as your beautiful Girls!
    Glad you had such a good time with Mary Ann, et al. We love you all. GG and BaPa

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