India ahead

photo (102)I mentioned a few weeks ago that Timothy spends a good portion of his time in two areas — trying to eat and trying NOT to go to sleep.  But I neglected the third leg on that stool – trying NOT to get in his car seat.  He continues to find creative ways, using his car alarm-like screams and mean dance moves to complicate the process.  Eventually, he tires of toying with his victim, and sits back, but not before giving you a stare of ‘it’s okay — I’m not going away and we’ll be repeating that same dance again very soon.’

He’s like a boxer.  He knows that he doesn’t need to knock us out in the first round.   He’s content to go the distance and wear down his parents.  Actually, that boxer analogy hits a little close to home, because like some rogue fighters, TRBL is not above biting his opponent.

photo (97)


Speaking of eating, we had a nice dinner with Elisabeth’s violin teacher (like all dinner guests, the visit was preceded with a flurry of activity to transform the bathroom back to adult standards — like changing the sets between acts in the theater – by hiding the bath toys and tiny plastic bathtub, and returning the trash can and roll of toilet paper from their ‘too high for Timo’ locations on top of the toilet to their rightful places on the floor and on the toilet paper dispenser).

Laura made a delicious blueberry tart for dessert.  No sooner did I give TRBL a small piece to taste than he threw his morsel and hit Elisabeth’s teacher in the leg, and left behind a small dollop of whipped cream on her pant leg.  His throwing motion would’ve been impressive had it been done with a ball in the backyard.  But it wasn’t.  Fortunately, her teacher was very understanding, and agreed not to press charges, probably realizing that a ‘she said –he said’ court case would be hard to win against a cute red head who can’t speak but who has mastered all animal and food-related sign language.  Wise choice.


photo (97)


Elisabeth leaves Tuesday to study in India for 10 months.

Many friends have asked if we’re nervous about her being over there, and of course the answer is ‘yes’.

It’s a long time in a different culture and we won’t be with her every day.

The Rotary program is an outstanding program with a very safe track record.  We’ve researched India and the culture and Pune will be a great city to live in.  We’ve talked with lots of people who’ve lived in India, or who studied (or had kids study) there, as well as people who live there now — including her Indian host family, who seem very nice and are excited to host her.  With all of this knowledge, we’re confident that she’ll have an incredible experience, and that, most importantly, she’ll be safe and healthy.

All that said, we will still worry about her, but more than anything else, we’ll just miss her an awful lot.

Elisabeth is a courageous and independent young woman about to embark on a very exciting year abroad, and I bet that India has no idea what it’s in for.


The Lees

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3 Responses to India ahead

  1. Jan Fritze says:

    Please don’t leave me hanging. What’s with the dog?
    Oh, yeah. Also miss T terribly. Any chance for a play date?

    • jackblee says:

      Hi Jan,
      The dog is a paid model. Actually it’s my sister Amy’s dog who had a play date with T. Timothy misses you as well and would love to get together. Let’s get your people and his people talking in mid Aug and find a good date.

  2. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    I am so glad that we had 2 opportunities in the last 10 days to spend quality family time with Elisabeth before she embarks on her Grand Adventure. And I got to have coffee with her also….well, she had hot chocolate. Must take after her Dad. We will miss her and pray for her, of course. But, as Tom noted, she seems ready to go.
    God speed, E! We love you! And we love your family! And the rest of our family! And the puppies…oh, you know what I mean. XXOO, Mom/GG and Dad/BaPa

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