Ginger snaps

photo (19)Over the past many months Timothy has undergone a fashion transformation – from Gerber caterpillar to Baby Gap butterfly.  He’s now crawling down the runway in kid clothes instead of baby clothes.  To the naked eye, the shift is subtle, but swapping the onesie for a pair of jeans and a polo means one thing for parents (other than more clothes to buy) – no more metal snaps.

You see, the person was a genius who came up with the idea to put metal snaps to connect a onesie or other baby outfit on the bottom (I’d rather not use the term ‘crotch’ in a baby blog).  They’re very convenient.

But I’m glad to bid ‘adios’ to los snappos.

photo (21)          photo (16)

I have one word for Mr or Ms metal snap inventor – ‘sneaky snap’ .

Many of Timothy’s baby clothes have more than a half dozen pairs of snaps, and some have a dozen.

Now, if you are relaxed and have time and the wind is in your hair and the child is asleep, these snaps are the most convenient thing since Kraft singles.  But when you’re in a hurry and trying to fasten metal snaps while the rest of the family is already in the car and the toddler is treating you like a wrestling opponent, it is inevitable that you’ll think yourself finished with the job, only to look down and see a sneaky snap – one lonely snap who never found a partner.

And that means one thing — you messed up.

You first believe there’s been some mistake (‘There must be the wrong number of snaps’), then you get indignant (‘No way – I was sure that I snapped them all this time’).  Then a crazy thought crosses your mind (‘what if I pretend I didn’t notice?’) but you know that would be the equivalent of sending your boy out knowing that his fly is down.  No no no.

And so you suck it up, locate the partner of the sneaky snap, unfasten most of the snaps that you had just secured, resnap them all and make sure that THIS TIME all of the snaps have the right partner.

I don’t want to overdramatize the restoration process.  It’s not so hard in theory.  But since Timothy never stops moving, it’s like trying to delicately snap and unsnap a onesie that’s on one of those paint can shakers at the hardware store.

photo (20)


As noted above, Timothy is a very active boy.  In fact, the race between Timo’s growing activity level and our creeping age and arthritis is something to behold (if you’re scoring at home, Laura and I are losing that one).  If Timothy is not sleeping, in the car seat or eating, he is moving, climbing or getting into something, which is also why we’re finally snapping little Red into his high chair (with a seat belt) at meal time.

We’d like TRBL to do his first big dive at a pool instead of at breakfast.

Much to be grateful for,


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3 Responses to Ginger snaps

  1. Tim Farley says:

    I can confirm this snap dilemma…Oliver has me revisiting this Olympic snapping sport. I may begin to time myself to keep myself ammused. As always…you crack me up Mr. Lee.

  2. Diane Schmidtke says:

    I’m so enjoying your blogs, Jack. You have both writing talent and a great sense of humor… Isn’t it awesome and amazing how attitude and love can see us through each day?

  3. MGLee says:

    Excellent! And I agree totally with your “snap snafu snarl.” Always happened at the worst times!
    Glad to see your Elisabeth has inherited your writing ability. Great blog on her Indian adventure also.
    Love your Family….and you, of course. XXOO, Mom

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