TRBL Two’s

9-11 Timothy  asking for quiet     Boo -- Happy Halloween!"  Oct '12      photo (18)

Timothy Robert Brandon Lee turns two years old today.

On the eve of Timothy’s second birthday, we went to a nice restaurant for dinner with a good friend.  And TRBL acted like one of the Blues Brothers, doing everything short of tipping over the table.  But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by his behavior, since many of us get a little nostalgic at birthday time and it can’t be easy to double your age in one birthday.

Heat lamp TRBL  Introducing the captain of Team TRBL  Mar '12

No further comment needed   Dec '11     Has anyone seen my tank top?  Apr '12

The good news is that I got to spend the very first minutes with Timothy as he turned two years old.  The downside is that I was in the rocking chair with the little monkey because he was not sleeping well, and so you’ll have to excuse the lack of fanfare and balloons and ice cream when I laid him down at 12:03am last night.

We wouldn’t say that Timothy is fully embracing the concept of ‘Terrible Two’s’ yet, but he also hasn’t RSVP’d that he’ll be taking the year off.  And so we’re on stand by for whatever comes our way.


The Lees

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3 Responses to TRBL Two’s

  1. Maggie says:

    Happy birthday little man! Celebrate however it suits you best.

  2. Jinna says:

    YAY TIMMY!!! love to all the Lee’s 🙂

  3. Tim Farley says:

    Happy Birthday to “Irish Timmy” Lee. God is good.

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