First Day of School

photo (14)               photo (19)  Timothy is often good at giving us a second opinion.  And so I return us to the scene of the crime that I mentioned in the last blog entry, when a good friend took Laura, Catherine, Timothy and me out to a nice restaurant last week on the eve of Timothy’s second birthday.

As our friend complimented us on the fine job we’ve done as parents, Timothy decided to remind us that a new sheriff was in town.  While generous words of praise rained down on us about our parenting, Timothy was busy making a little rain of his own, tossing every piece of food from his tray onto the nice carpet, and then threatening to launch his empty sippy cup into the wine and water glassware sitting on the table.  Needless to say, the last hour of dinner was some mix of nice conversation and a childcare SWAT team, as Laura and Cat and I took turns shuttling King Cutie out of the restaurant.

photo (23)   photo (27)


Tuesday is Catherine’s first day at Edina High School, and also Timothy’s very first day of pre-school.  The services that Timothy has received from the school district have been at our house, and he’ll continue to get those once a week, but now TRBL is taking his show on the road.  He’ll go to the Fraser School two mornings a week, where importantly he’ll also get some speech therapy.  In addition, he’ll be in a short parent-child class with Laura on Fridays.  These outside classes will be big steps for his learning and his socialization.  We feel like he’s in a bit of a rut since he seems to be hitting us and pulling our hair the same old way, so we’re hoping that he can learn some new techniques from other kids and practice them on us at home.  I told a friend that we were a little worried about how he’ll behave with other kids, to which my friend replied,

“Really.  You have a daughter going to school in India for 10 months and you’re worried about the pre-school in Richfield?  You might want to rethink that one.”


The Lees

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