This T is on Fire

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Timothy enjoyed his first two days of preschool last week.  On Day One, when Laura picked him up after lunch, with the rest of the class settling into position for their nap, Timothy had already been asleep for an hour.  On Day Two, when Laura arrived, Timothy was crying after having been knocked over.  Sounds like a good first week of pre-school.


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Each family has their own way to soothe their small children when they’re upset.  Most young parents would calm their child with ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Hush Little Baby’, but Timothy has teenage sisters, and so he returns to his happy place with Alicia Keys’ anthem, “This girl is on fire”.  Catherine has him hooked on this song — and he beams and swings his arms and moves to the beat every time it blasts out of his sister’s iPhone.

Speaking of noises, you hear plenty of funny ones when a toddler is in your life.  That’s why I thought nothing of it when, while stepping out of my car in a darkened parking garage, I heard the sound of an elephant trumpeting.  A clear thinking person would have jumped back into their car in fear, but I knew that elephants prefer on-street parking and so something else must be going on.  And as it turned out, Timothy’s little elephant toy was lying in the back seat and Jumbo didn’t like being trapped under my briefcase.  Oops.


This walking stuff is crazy.  With our two teenage daughters, they crawled around 8 months and were both walking at 12 months.  With Timothy, he started crawling at 12 months and has been a crazy little speed crawler for the last year.  He has seemed on the verge of walking for months, pulling himself up on furniture, and walking behind a fleet of vehicles and crates that have created an interesting pattern of scratches on our hardwood floor.  (and just in case I had forgotten that fact, he’s twice rammed a little car into my leg while I’ve been typing)

This weekend, he took a few wobbly steps on his own, which was fun to see, and so we’re getting closer…

Walking is a good example of the pushing/ patience routine that we’re getting better at.  If ‘Pushing’ sounds mean, I’m just talking about encouraging him to practice his new tricks.  And if ‘Patience’ sounds passive, we’ve just realized the need to accept and not set hard timetables for every development milestones, as much as we’d like to.  Patience is just so important.

Almost as important as knowing the words to ‘This girl is on fire’.


The Lees

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2 Responses to This T is on Fire

  1. Jan Fritze says:

    Hey, Timothy. Get that walking thing down and they won’t be able to push you around so much at Fraser. Just sayin’.

    Miss you.

  2. diana roggenbauer says:

    Look at that handsome TRBL surrounded by a bevy of beauties!

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