The frog and the fringe benefit

photo (19)  More than a year ago, for some reason we decided to put away the 80 year old rug we purchased while travelling in Istanbul, Turkey.  Recently, with signs of winter arriving, we’ve talked about covering up part of the hardwood floor with a rug.

So we pulled out and rolled out the old Turkish rug and it looked great.  Timothy was immediately drawn to it, and started rolling around on it and enjoying the soft surface.  Then, he made a beeline to the edge of the rug and started putting the fringe in his mouth.  And that was the moment that it came back to us why we had decided to separate the toddler and the Turk the first time around.

photo (18)   photo (15)

There was a memorable Warner Brothers cartoon in the 50’s called ‘One Froggy Evening’.  It starred a cartoon frog named Michigan J Frog, who is discovered by a man at a construction site.  When, to his surprise, the man realizes that the frog can actually sing and dance, he thinks he’ll make a fortune and he takes the green animal to a talent scout and others.  But each time that he is in front of an audience, the frog just sits and does nothing but say ‘ribet’.

Timothy isn’t yet walking.  At least we don’t think he is…

But twice in the last week Laura has walked into a room and seen Timothy walking around.  But once he saw her, he fell back to his knees and started crawling around like normal.  It may be nothing, but we may just have a red headed Michigan J TRBL on our hands who only walks when we’re not around.

If that’s the case, the frog will be fine, but I’d better go watch that cartoon again and to see how things turn out for that poor man.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


As a parent you feel great pride when you child really ‘gets it’, when he or she really understands something.  To help Timothy make functional use of his sign language skills, we’ve been setting up situations where he needs to tell us what he wants with his signs.  At meals, he gets more food once he signs ‘more’ — which he occasionally accessorizes with ‘please’.  Some of his toys are in a closed container so he brings the container and signs that he wants ‘help’ taking out the toys  He was a little stubborn at first, but has adjusted to asking for what he wants.

So it was really inspiring the other day when I laid him down on his back to change his diaper.  It was a very dirty diaper and it was clear that it would take some time (and possibly back up support) to clean up the situation.  I glanced down and Timothy was looking up at me and frantically making the sign for ‘book’ — very astutely requesting a little reading material to occupy him during one of life’s delicate moments.  I was so proud.

I wonder if he’ll potty train himself if we put something next to the toilet, like a stack of board books.

Or maybe just some fringe from the Turkish rug.

Grateful and hopeful,

The Lees

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2 Responses to The frog and the fringe benefit

  1. Mary Kay and Marty says:

    Jack, you are amazing!!
    I am all caught up on Timothy and laughing out our.
    Such a fun blog!
    Love, auntie Bonnie

  2. Elisa says:

    It’s nice to learn about Timothy’s walking progress. How funny that he’d not show off his new talents yet. I hope all is well with you guys!

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