Oprah meet John Wayne

T walk 1 12-13  T walk 4 12-13  Timothy continues to walk, and his gait is something between a bow legged cowboy and a wobbly weebol.  He’s doing more walking than crawling and gets a real kick out of it, looking over to us as if to ask himself, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t tell me about this walking thing sooner’.
T walk 2 12-13  T walk 3 12-13


We don’t want to dwell.  We are not pointing fingers.  Mistakes were made, we’ve all learned and moved on.  However, it’s important that others glean lessons from our experiences.  So, to state our lesson very simply, if you are travelling on a lengthy car trip, and are throwing away a very dirty diaper, be sure to throw the very dirty diaper in the trash and not accidentally throw said very dirty diaper into the bag of dirty clothes.  In other words, while ‘dirty clothes’ and ‘dirty diaper’ both contain the same root word, ideally they should not be mixed together.  Or if they are mixed together, at least don’t be the next person to do the laundry.

T walk 5 12-13  T walk 6 12-13


Timothy’s attention span for reading has shortened for the moment.  He’ll listen to the start of a book, but will sometimes ask to get down from your lap and then go to another part of the room and start paging through another book.  While we appreciate his ability to multi task, we’d rather finish the book that we just started.

But while he may sometimes be ambivalent about being read to, his interest in children’s literature rises dramatically when bedtime is approaching.  He realizes that more nighttime reading means a later bedtime for him, in addition to general knowledge and probably a more exhausted parent in the morning.

If he senses that the lights are about to be turned off, he suddenly starts pointing to the various children’s books on his shelf and giving out book recommendations faster than Oprah.

T walk 8 12-13T walk 9 12-13


We put our Christmas tree up Friday night and Timothy has so far maintained a delicate truce with the spruce, though every once in a while he brings over an ornament from the tree just to remind us of the havoc that he could unleash on the quaint Christmas tradition if he so chooses.  So far, the little prince is thankfully choosing to use his powers for good and not evil.

And that’s all we can ask of our wobbly little Oprah/ John Wayne for now.


The Lees

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1 Response to Oprah meet John Wayne

  1. Auntie Bonnie says:

    Ohhh, Jack, another darling entry…Thank you for the darling pictures of TRBL.
    He is adorable. Wishing you all a great Christmas Week!!!
    Love to Elisabeth, too.
    Bonnie and Marty

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