The SEAL and the monkey

T at Culvers 6  During this time, and for much of the winter, Timothy has had a steadily runny nose.  Wiping off his runny nose has the look of a Navy SEAL operation.  You don’t walk into the thing unprepared or you’ll get your lunch handed to you.  Planning and the element of surprise are critical to your success.  If you’re foolish enough to approach the redhead straight-on with your Kleenex out in the open, you’re going to ducked or swatted, or worse.  Instead, you need to make a plan, sneak up on TRBL from behind, finish your business and get out with your now wet Kleenex.

T at Culvers


In other news, I found that I’m a little behind on the digital trends (or popularity game) when our 16 year old daughter Catherine looked at my cell phone and said to me “Oh Dad, I feel so sorry for you.”

When I asked her why, she replied, “Did you seriously only get this many text messages this weekend?”

t and cat rdg on couch 12-13      T and cat on couch 12-13

Karma.  That’s the only way to explain it.

We’ve been teaching Timothy the motions to the song “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

So it should not have been a surprise to us when, after Timothy had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, we found him covered in an unusual red rash, from his head to his shoulders, to his knees and certainly his toes.

But seriously, that was over a week ago and the little man is doing well and is rash free.

It’s always tricky as parents when you’re dealing with something unknown, especially, as in this case, when it is something that the doctors don’t see often and solid diagnoses are hard to get.

And whether it’s his frustration with the delays or his skepticism of traditional medicine, Timothy is not the model patient.  His philosophy has always been ‘if you want to look in these ears, you’d better come ready for a fight.’

So the little man (and doctors) had a rough couple of days, with us visiting the  emergency room and the doctor’s office a few times, but we were lucky that it wasn’t more serious, and that it cleared up quickly.  Throughout this episode, despite being tired and sometimes feverish, Timothy was pretty much acting like himself and wreaking almost as much havoc in the house as normal.

And after the ‘Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes ’ karma, we’re not going to push our luck – no more singing ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’.


The Lees

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1 Response to The SEAL and the monkey

  1. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    I totally remember that song from when I stayed with your family in Jan.! Besides “The Cat Came Back,” the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” was my favorite memory!! Love you all. XXOO, GG

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