Mother’s Day in India

photo 5  Laura just arrived yesterday in Pune, India to spend a week with Elisabeth, who is in her final month of a ten month stay in India.  It’s cool that, after 9 months apart, those two are spending Mother’s Day together in India.

It’s hard for most of us to sum up how much our moms mean to us, but Giuliano (our Italian exchange student) did a good job.  When we told him that Laura would be out of town for a week, he said, ‘What are we going to do without her?’  I told him that we’ll be able to manage for a week.  To which, an unconvinced Giuliano replied, ‘No, I mean it.  What are we going to do without her?’

I’m very grateful for my own mom (who of course will be over a lot this week helping me corral Timothy while Laura is gone) and am lucky that I married someone who is a wonderful person and is also an awesome mom to our kids.  I love you both.

photo 1

And we wish all of the moms a Happy Mother’s Day.

Grateful for moms,

The Lees

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  1. Carolyn Baldus says:

    Hi Jack,

    I would love to continue receiving your fabulous updates. I am changing my e-mail address to . Can you update that for me or do I need to do it?

    Thanks Jack!


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