Timothy and the Ten Pins

T in wagon 8T in wagon 10T in wagon 3T in wagon 7

At the birthday party of a classmate, Timothy was enjoying knocking over the bowling pins that were set up on the floor of the gym.  I would set them up and Timothy would immediately knock the pins over.

Fast forward to later that day when I carried Timothy into a liquor store (T knows just which wine to drink with different entrees).  I was talking with the owner, holding Timothy and standing next to a display of Skyy vodka.  Timothy realized that the blue bottles on display were just a prettier version of the bowling pin game that we’d been playing earlier that day, and so he took a swipe at the bottles.  Chaos ensued, and I stretched to save a few bottles and fortunately an alert store employee caught the rest of the dominoes.


Fresh on the heels of that near miss, Timothy received a large religious snow globe at one of his birthday celebrations.  It was a gift from the family of one of his Godparents, and inside the globe was a little religious statue.

But that snow globe never really got a chance to be part of the family, as the next morning, Timothy took out a broom and cleared everything off the dining room table, and that snow globe never saw it coming – hitting the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces.

It’s hard to say whether these two glass incidents mean that Timothy is getting more destructive or is just improving his aim.

T on shoulders     t on trike 2___________________________________

Awhile back, Timothy learned to put his pointer finger in the air to signal the number ‘one’.  Not long after learning ‘one’, he realized that if he was asking for one of something (one last cookie, etc), he might as well put up a second finger and try to get a second one.

So when we tell him that he gets ‘one’ more video, he immediately puts up a second finger and cocks his head cutely to the side and appeals for a double.

And not just with our family.

T was visiting his ‘extra’ set of grandparents, our neighbors Jim and Peggy.  Timothy was asking for a cracker and Peggy put her pointer finger up to signal to him that he could have one cracker.

Timothy shook his head, walked up to Peggy, grabbed her hand, and lifted up a second finger so that she was showing two fingers instead of just one.

Whether or not he can speak, the kid is finding ways to get his point across.


t w teacher and l        T with gnome

In addition to his other talents, Timothy is quite a mediator.  Catherine and I were engaged in a healthy father-daughter exchange of ideas when Timothy rounded the corner slowly, hopping curiously up and down.  We looked down to find that both of his legs were squeezed into the same pant leg of his shorts.    Catherine and I burst out giggling and agreed to a cease fire.  I then helped Timothy reroute his legs into their own proper pants leg — which was probably appropriate since I had been his tailor for the earlier errant fitting.

t, c and l watching downton


Team TRBL The walk 2

We raised money today for the Down Syndrome Association of MN (Laura is a board member) by walking in Como Park in St Paul.  It was a beautiful day and there were several thousand other walkers, many of whom had made funny shirts (‘Keep Calm and Carry On – it’s just an extra chromosome’) to show their support for a friend or loved one with Down syndrome.

All 20 of us were wearing our blue ‘Team TRBL’ shirts, anchored by Catherine and a dozen of her friends walking with us.

T asleep      On the drive home, Laura and I were exhausted and ready for a nap, and Timothy looked sure to fall asleep in the car.  When I looked toward the back seat, he was awake, but seemed ready to doze off, and then he started smiling and very quietly saying ‘Dada’.  And then he quietly said ‘Baba’ (mom).  It was adorable.

He then said ‘Dada’ and ‘Baba’ again, but a little louder.  And then again, louder.  And by the time he lapped the track for the fourth or fifth time, he was shouting out our names and it was getting slightly less endearing and slightly more clear that this boy was not going to fall asleep.  Oh well.  It was still pretty cute.

But we had a great time at the walk, and we want to thank our donors and all of the members of Team TRBL!

Grateful (if slightly tired),

The Lee’s

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3 Responses to Timothy and the Ten Pins

  1. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    It was a fun, albeit tiring, walk. That Short Walk turned into a rather Long one but it was inspiring to see the many, many, many walkers there supporting this wonderful cause. Timothy was very entertaining the whole journey.
    Glad you contacted us about the Walk, Laura. See you next year…and I will be prepared for the long trek. Love you all!!

  2. Marta Melin says:

    Timothy should do yoga! He’s got a perfect half-lotus position!

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