The Abominable Snowmonster

T on stoop2   T on stoop4

There is nothing more that Timothy loves than a good group hug.  When he’s leaving a gathering, our little rush chairman will often reach out to different people to circle up.

This is one of the cutest things he does, especially when he gives each person a kiss on the cheek (and then kisses himself on the hand).

But recently, he’s given it a little 3 Stooges twist and when it’s him and two other people, he likes to knock the two heads together and giggle.  Ours is probably the only house where there’s a fine line between a group hug and a head butt.

T in backpack 2  T on swing


Timothy spent 2 days at Children’s Hospital recently with an infection in his colon.  Timothy was a champ, especially considering that the active kid was tethered to an IV for 36 hours.  As always, the nurses and doctors at Children’s were outstanding.  He has bounced back well — after two weeks of taking the worst tasting medicine on the planet.  The doctors believe that this is a continuation of his earlier colon condition called Hirschsprung’s disease, which is what led him to have surgery when he was 5 days old and to have a colostomy bag until he was six months old.  It means that the little guy’s plumbing isn’t working as well as it should and could be more susceptible to infection, which is not ideal, and so we’re working with doctors to better understand it.

T in hospital4  T in hospital2

Sometimes when Timothy is lying on his back getting his diaper changed, he just clasps his hands behind his head and smiles.  It’s his way of chilling out and saying ‘It’s okay, man, I’m not going anywhere.’  Even when he was in the hospital attached to the IV, the kid looked like he was relaxing in a hammock.

T watering bucket3  T watering bucket2  T watering bucket4

Last weekend, Timothy demonstrated his three approaches to raking leaves.

  • While I rake, he runs into the garage and gets a watering can and adds water to the pile of leaves. Then he quietly walks away.
  • He grabs a big handful of leaves. He hauls the leaves thirty feet to the north and drops the leaves on our neighbors’ driveway.  Then he quietly walks away.
  • He grabs three smaller handfuls of leaves and carefully places each handful into the big bag of leaves. He knocks over the whole bag, and the leaves come pouring out.  Then he walks quietly away.

What a big helper.

T w leaves3 T w leaves5  T w leaves2


We all know that everything is better when covered in yogurt.  I realized this in the 1970s, when someone found a way to get me to eat raisins by dipping them in yogurt.

That might have been on Timothy’s mind as we recently scrambled to clean up for an expected dinner guest.

As the Laura and I ran around the living room removing clutter with a combination of cleaning and slight of hand, Timothy sat in his high chair, quietly spreading vanilla yogurt over everything within reach, from his hands and face and hair to the eight Matchbox cars arrayed in front of him

Within a few minutes, the Abominable Snowmonster was rushed off for an unplanned bath.



We are so saddened by the senseless tragedy in Paris last weekend.

It is my favorite city in the world by a good margin, and we have close relatives (including the family of Timothy’s namesake) and dear friends (including my Godson, Tristan, and his family) who live there.

And while it worries us a little that both of our two girls are considering studying overseas next year, we really believe that education and building mutual understanding is critical to improving so many of the issues we’re seeing in our own country as well as around the world.

We are keeping our friends and relatives and all of the Paris victims in our prayers.


The Lees

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  1. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Beautiful, Jack….and the pictures are outstanding!! Love you all. GG

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