Bath Toys and Uber too


airport 2It’s great to have Elisabeth back from college for the Holidays.  Timothy has loved having both sisters in the house.

xmas 3    t w susan

Timothy had a fun Christmas, and received his fair share of gifts and accolades.  He also enjoyed ‘liberating’ a few ornaments from our large, lopsided tree and the little figures from the toy manger scene.  The last I saw the baby Jesus, he looked like an Uber driver, in a plastic toy car with a donkey and one of the Wise Men.


xmas 2    xmas 5

Timothy is going through a ripping phase, tearing pages in some of his books (someone said that it’s a ‘tactile phase’ that he’s in, but it sure looks a lot like a ripping phase).  We’re working with him to rip fewer things, but Christmas was like hog heaven for this boy.  He got to rip and rip and rip the wrapping paper and at the end of that rainbow was a toy or book or stuffed animal.  What a good deal.


T bday w god parents 11  T bday w god parents 12   T bday w god parents

Timothy is a reluctant entrant to the bathtub, but once he’s in the water, it’s hard to get him out.  He recently decided to use his little bath scoop to try to bail out the tub (onto the bathroom floor), which was cute for a minute.

He loves to play with his bath toys.  From ducks to penguins to whales, he has a small zoo of rubber bath toys.

He recently realized that these harmless looking bath toys could be turned into a squirt gun and aimed at his attending parent.  This was also cute for a minute.

T w11 ith animals 5

Speaking of bath toys, I remember when Timothy first ‘released’ his bath animals from their natural bathing habitat.  It seemed natural to him that if they were fun in the bath, they’d be even better on dry land.

But alas, there is a reason why these toys have the word ‘bath’ in their name.  Allowing Timothy to play with bath toys outside the tub is like letting him play with water balloons, the result of which is that our hardwood floors are dotted with little puddles of water (‘Umm, did someone pee on the floor?  Nevermind, it’s just the leaky rubber penguin’).

T sledding 5         T sledding 2

We took Timothy out for the first sledding trip of the season, along with his cousins, AJ and Griffin.  T looked adorable walking around in his little snow outfit, and he loved going down the hill.  He just didn’t love keeping his mittens on, which is what he’ll need to do if he wants his next trip to the hill to last more than 10 minutes.

T sledding 3      T sledding


We think that Colon Tour 2015 T shirts are in order, as Timothy visited Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego for two days over Thanksgiving in what I’m calling the West Coast swing of his tour.

We were out there to visit Laura’s sister, Mary Ann, who recently got re-married, and her awesome kids and cool new family, the Eibels.

t and Fritz

Like when we went to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis in October, Timothy was having serious stomach pain, and once again it turned out to be an infection in his colon.

We’re big fans of Minneapolis Children’s, and we were very impressed with the staff in San Diego.  Everyone was very professional and easy to work with.

hospital hospital 4 hospital 2

We were pleased to get discharged from Rady’s on Thanksgiving Day, in time for some of us to eat turkey and stuffing with Mary Ann and her family.

The good news is that we’re learning more about this issue, and what symptoms to watch for.  And the advantage of having been in two good hospitals is that we’ve heard a few different perspectives on the issue and its possible causes.

hospital 3        T asleep 3

We still have more conversations to have with doctors, but more than likely it is a chronic colon issue that he/we will need to manage for awhile and possibly for his lifetime.

T mustache        T sledding 6

All in all, Timothy is doing great and we’re super grateful that we have the help of our amazing girls and a strong support network of family, friends, doctors, therapists and teachers who help us in so many ways our little redhead.  Thank you all!

We’re grateful for our many many blessings and wish you and your families and friends an awesome Holidays and New Year!

The Lee’s

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4 Responses to Bath Toys and Uber too

  1. Colleen Howland says:

    We love keeping up with Timothy and of course the rest of your family. Many blessings in the New Year to the Lee family. Love, Colleen and David

  2. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Ah, that moustache! T looks like a rascally dude! Beautiful post, Jack….as always. Blessings to your family in this New Year. We love you all! XXOO, Mom and Dad/GG and BaPa/MG and Tom

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