The Cat’s in the Korea

fam bye  Our daughter, Catherine left yesterday for her year in South Korea.  The airport send off was sad but quick, and we each react differently to ‘good byes’.

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We were following Catherine’s flight to South Korea on the computer, but after awhile, it looked like the Flight Tracker was stuck in the same place.  I am not one to worry much, but I’d be lying if I said that the idea of a plane crash didn’t cross my mind.

I drove to pick Elisabeth up at work, and mentioned that the Flight tracker hadn’t moved for awhile and Elisa looked at her phone and gasped a little.  I asked her what she had found, and she laughed as she explained that she had just Googled it and found an article titled ‘Delta 747 jet destroyed by hail during flight to Seoul’, but that the article was from last summer (though it was Cat’s exact flight — DL 159 from Detroit to Seoul — and as a note, even that hailstorm didn’t cause the plane to crash) .

Once we got home, I checked again and the Flight Tracker had advanced and showed that Cat’s plane was flying over Russia.  And nothing personal, Mr. Putin, but I’d be lying if I said that put my mind at ease very much.

But Catherine landed in Inchon airport, texted us that she had made some Finnish and Taiwanese friends and was doing great, and ready to start her life 14 hours ahead of us.

Cat and t  girls w T2

Catherine, we’re excited for you and we love you very much, or as we would write in Korean…

우리는 너를 사랑해

(which is pronounced exactly as it looks — ‘ ulineun neoleul salanghae’)


The Lee’s

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3 Responses to The Cat’s in the Korea

  1. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Good one, Jack….especially your translation of the Korean!! What an opportunity for Catherine and what an adventurous, fabulous young woman she is!! Oh, how we are going to miss her…and Elisabeth when she departs for France next week. We love you all!! GG and BaPa

  2. Mary Keenan says:

    Ohhh Jack. We feel your parental panic!!!
    She’s in good hands.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love you

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