Anyone up for a 2 person game of Duck Duck Grey Duck?

t at fair3  t at fair

Our daughters, Elisabeth and Catherine, are getting settled into the new overseas homes.

Here are their blogs, with some great pictures:

z-girls4      z-girls2

Timothy enjoys hiding things.  But that means that when he and I were playing baseball, he hid the whiffle ball in a hosta plant.  While I walked over to pick the ball out of that poor hosta, T hid the plastic bat in a small tree.  It’s not uncommon for a baseball game to be called due to a sudden rainstorm, but that was my first where it was cancelled due to a sudden lack of equipment.

t-and-j  t-on-deck

Recently, people have been asking us a question — ‘Is it quiet in the house now that the girls are gone?’

The question makes sense, but the answer is easy –  NO (please note the red headed main character of this blog).

z-girls  the girls

Then people ask whether Timothy misses his sisters.

That question also makes sense, but the answer is even easier – YES.

At dinner recently, Laura asked T if he missed his sisters, and he put on his sad face and nodded a slow ‘yes’.

Then he convinced me to revive a recent tradition that we’ve been doing with the girls this summer.  Although playing a two person game of duck duck grey duck takes some imagination, Timothy makes it easier by just making up his own rules and deciding when the game is over.

We all miss the girls a lot, and we pray for their safety and we hope that they have an amazing experience in France and South Korea.

Always Grateful,

The Lee’s

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2 Responses to Anyone up for a 2 person game of Duck Duck Grey Duck?

  1. MG Lee says:

    Good morning, Jack and Laura and Timothy!! Great pictures of the three of you….photogenic group! I told the Girls I missed them immediately at T’s Birthday Party because they were always such a big help to me….especially in napkin design and centerpiece and candle display.
    They look like they are both fitting in…not a surprise with the way your family has always fit in with your many friends in other states and countries. Those trips were a great rehearsal for their lives now.
    We love you all and look forward to learning T’s new rules for Grey Duck….although sitting on the ground is a bit difficult for the grandparents. XXOO, GG and BaPa

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