Would you like fries with your silkworm larvae?


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People ask about whether we’re nervous about having our daughter Catherine living in South Korea after North Korea’s recent nuclear tests.  We’re not pleased about her noisy neighbors to the north, but Cat provided perspective when she mentioned offhandedly that she was in a 5.3 earthquake earlier this week (they’ve had 3 earthquakes in the past 9 months) and a typhoon is expected to hit them this weekend.  I’ll stop complaining about the mosquitoes here in Minnesota.

cat-and-c2  silkworm-larvae

But those moments of excitement may pale in comparison to some of the new foods she’ll get to try.  The most recent was silkworm larvae (pupae), which they boil and throw into a bowl like popcorn (with apologies to Orville Redenbacher).

es-1st-day   t-fashion5

Our family is one that cherishes one another and our tender moments together.

This morning, Timothy was playing when I picked him up and gave him a hug and told him that I loved him.

T’s response was ‘Okay, Dada’ and he quickly wriggled out of my grasp and went back to playing with his cars.

swing7  VOBS

Timothy’s touching response reminded me of when the girls were young, and I used to write down some of the funny things they said.

When Elisabeth was 6 years old, she turned to me unprompted during a church service and said, “I love you, Daddy, even when you’re mad at me and you yell at me.”

Similarly, when Catherine was five years old and we were in church, I whispered to her that I loved her and she replied, “Dad, your breath is not great right now.”

So much love in just one family.


The Lee’s

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2 Responses to Would you like fries with your silkworm larvae?

  1. MG Lee says:

    Love is as Love does and your family DOES!!!
    XXOO to all of you, Mom/GG/MG and Dad/BaPa/Tom

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