Goldilocks and the Missing Baseball


Both of our girls are enjoying their stays overseas.

Elisabeth really likes Montpelier, France and is now well into her classes, which are all in French.  She is living at the home of a very nice French woman, in a house with two Mexican students and a Swiss student.

Catherine is enrolled in high school in a type of curriculum for Korean students who want to go into ‘animal professions’ like dog grooming, so at least she’s learning a marketable skill.  The picture below is the seating chart of the kids in her class (I don’t see any other Lee’s in the class but might just be reading it wrong).

Here are their blogs:



Timothy and I went to the playground today, and T decided to play Goldilocks on the swings, testing out eat one (‘this one’s too hard, this one’s too soft’, etc) before selecting the one that was just right for him.  He then quickly located the only puddle of water in the area and was impressively efficient at soaking his shoes and shorts.  In retrospect, on a cool Fall day, some parents would have quickly changed the affected child into dry clothes, but we’re a strong, hardy family, and besides, I forgot he was wet.  But we’re all fine and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

t-playground7          t-playground8

Timothy and I played baseball again in the backyard.  We bought him a little tee to hit the plastic baseball off, which was nice because my hand was starting to lose feeling in it after being used as the ‘tee’ by Timothy — me holding the ball while he hit it (mostly my hand, though sometimes the baseball).

baseball8   baseball4  baseball

Timothy did well hitting the plastic baseball off the tee.  But with our entire lawn service studying overseas at the moment, the grass in the back yard is long and it was not easy finding the baseballs.  But we eventually located the balls, which is about when Timothy decided to hide all of the baseballs down in the window well.  And once again we found that the game is harder to play without baseballs.

Missing baseballs and wet clothes on a windy Fall day.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


The Lee’s

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1 Response to Goldilocks and the Missing Baseball

  1. MG Lee says:

    Great pictures and story, Jack. I love that you are doing shorter versions so the Girls can regularly see T and you and Laura. Love you all. XXOO, Mom/MG/GG

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