As I was saying…

1 -- T ty dy 8-17  1 -- T in coat 8-17

We’ve had a full year and this blog has tumbled by the wayside, but we’ll start with a few updates and try to keep it up more in the New Year.


T at school - 12-17   t-at-school2

This Fall, Timothy started kindergarten at Highlands Elementary.  He really enjoys school and has an amazing teacher in Alyssa Paulsen and has received strong support from Amber, Mary, Susan and the special ed staff.  The principal, Katie Mahoney, does such a good job leading that school, setting a tone as a welcoming school community with really strong academics.  We’ve been a part of many schools, in several states, have had two daughters in gifted and talented and now a son in special education.  We’ve seen a lot in education and Highlands is a very unique place.

A big, big thanks to Katie, Alyssa and the awesome staff at Highlands!


1 -- Cat in Korea - 1 Spring 2017

Both of our girls studied overseas for the 2016-17 school year – Catherine spent a gap year in South Korea (her blog at and Elisabeth did her junior year of college in France and then in Brussels (her blog at

1 -- E and L 5-17

The funny thing is that when people found out about where our girls were studying last year, they always ignored France and instead asked, ‘aren’t you worried about having a daughter near North Korea?’  But as nervy as it was to have Cat 200 miles from North Korea, Elisabeth was arguably in more danger in the south of France and Belgium.

Fortunately, both girls returned home safely and had amazing years abroad.

_1 -- LTJ -2_____

Laura and I were at church recently with Timothy when they announced that there would be a second collection for refugee families.  As they started coming around for the second collection, I reached into my wallet and found a twenty dollar bill for Timothy to put in the collection basket.  Unbeknownst to me, Laura was also looking in her purse for money for Timothy, but she pulled out a fifty dollar bill.

She and I looked at each other.

Laura gave me a look like ‘it’s to help the refugee families’.

I gave her a look like ‘I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a fifty dollar bill’.

And meanwhile, Timothy sat there like a tennis spectator, his head going back and forth to mom and to dad.

Finally, Timothy got tired of his parents’ staring contest and grabbed my twenty dollar bill and then snatched Laura’s fifty dollar bill and plunked the whole seventy dollars into the collection basket.

Maybe there’s a lesson in there about generosity, especially as we gather with family around the Holidays.

Or maybe there’s a lesson about learning to get along and work together.

Or maybe the lesson is simply not to put your financial decisions in the hands of a six year old.

1 -- Family photo- 1 8-17

In any case, we’re grateful for our families and friends and wish you a Happy Holidays!

The Lee’s

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4 Responses to As I was saying…


    How nice that you are back with the blog entries, Jack!!! I love reading it.

    Merry Christmas to you, Laura, Catherine, Elisabeth and the hero of the blog: Timothy!!!!

  2. dianejan says:

    I always love reading your family adventures and the way you find joy in the everyday.
    Blessings to you and your family for beautiful holidays… ❤️

  3. Mary Keenan says:

    Oh Jack!!
    The highlight of my reading is finding an email from you!! Thanks and hopefully we will hear more in the new year.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Bonnie and Marty

  4. MGLee says:

    A welcome return to your wonderful blog, Jack!
    Loved it. Love all of you. Mom

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