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As I was saying…

   We’ve had a full year and this blog has tumbled by the wayside, but we’ll start with a few updates and try to keep it up more in the New Year. ___________________________     This Fall, Timothy started kindergarten … Continue reading

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Hey, what’s the world coming to when a guy can’t overthrow his own parents?

   Timothy loves to give kisses. But kisses do not always mean what you think. In the movie The Godfather II, Michael Corleone gives his younger brother Fredo a kiss on the lips shortly before he has him killed.  That … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the Missing Baseball

Both of our girls are enjoying their stays overseas. Elisabeth really likes Montpelier, France and is now well into her classes, which are all in French.  She is living at the home of a very nice French woman, in a … Continue reading

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Would you like fries with your silkworm larvae?

        People ask about whether we’re nervous about having our daughter Catherine living in South Korea after North Korea’s recent nuclear tests.  We’re not pleased about her noisy neighbors to the north, but Cat provided perspective when she … Continue reading

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Anyone up for a 2 person game of Duck Duck Grey Duck?

   Our daughters, Elisabeth and Catherine, are getting settled into the new overseas homes. Here are their blogs, with some great pictures:        Timothy enjoys hiding things.  But that means that when he and I were … Continue reading

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Where the girls go overseas and Timothy gets his feng shui on

   This has been a big week at the Lee household. We put Catherine on a flight for her year abroad in South Korea. We put Elisabeth on a flight for her year abroad in France. And Timothy turned five … Continue reading

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The Cat’s in the Korea

  Our daughter, Catherine left yesterday for her year in South Korea.  The airport send off was sad but quick, and we each react differently to ‘good byes’. We were following Catherine’s flight to South Korea on the computer, but after … Continue reading

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Ninja in a Tutu

  Recently, Timothy has been trying things on – baseball caps, safety helmets, winter stocking caps — even ballet tutu’s.  And since he’s been trying some new things, I’ll try writing a blog entry with a combination of lessons and bedtime … Continue reading

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One Word — TRexit

 The British vote a few weeks ago to separate from the European Union, or ‘Brexit’, was as perplexing to us as it was to our friends and relatives from the UK and Europe.  It was shocking. In other news, Timothy … Continue reading

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Kim Jong TRBL

      Our second oldest daughter, Catherine, will be spending next year studying in Korea (which reminds me that I need to confirm which side of the Mason Dixon Line she’ll be on, but I’m pretty sure that she’ll … Continue reading

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