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Never try to high five a snowbank

  Now that Timothy is walking, he sometimes stands up in his high chair.  If he’s in his high chair and is watching a video, he’ll sometimes stand up and get this mischievous look on his face.  We feel like … Continue reading

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Oprah meet John Wayne

    Timothy continues to walk, and his gait is something between a bow legged cowboy and a wobbly weebol.  He’s doing more walking than crawling and gets a real kick out of it, looking over to us as if … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspect

    Timothy is making more sounds and his favorite word is ‘carrrrrr’, and he says it whenever he sees a car or hears the word spoken.  His pronunciation resembles someone from Boston clearing their throat as they say ‘car’ … Continue reading

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The frog and the fringe benefit

  More than a year ago, for some reason we decided to put away the 80 year old rug we purchased while travelling in Istanbul, Turkey.  Recently, with signs of winter arriving, we’ve talked about covering up part of the hardwood … Continue reading

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One recent late evening, I’m sitting in Timothy’s room with him, rocking him to sleep.  He seems to be sacked out in my arms, and so I slowly stand up (more to go easy on my back than to keep … Continue reading

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  Timothy continues to crawl faster than I can walk, but is also trying to stand up.   From a sitting position, he leans forward on his hands, then pushes his bum up in the air like a tent, and then tries … Continue reading

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The Fugitive

Timothy is not yet walking, but loves to climb up the stairs to his sisters’ room.  He used to lumber slowly up the stairs and pause and look around, but now he motors up with workmanlike precision.  One of us … Continue reading

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