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47 Responses to Guestbook

  1. moniqueit3 says:

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  2. John Vincent says:

    Hi Jack and Lee Family! Thank you very for the holiday update! I love seeing the pictures of you all. Jack, we miss you here at the mother ship in Portland. Keep up the great work and all the best for a blessed 2018. Your friend, John

  3. Dan Thompson says:

    My contact info. Dan Thompson 3500 freedom hwy
    Fairmont WV. 26554
    I also have a drawing of my father done by another Thompson that Bob mentioned in his letter home. It would be interesting to see if any of the guys in their outfit are still living.

  4. Dan Thompson says:

    I really enjoy reading your uncles letters because the Sam Thompson you speak of is my dad. He was the one who picked up your uncles gun and finished what your uncle started.Kens description of my dad is correct, as he was rough and tough as they come. Dad died of cancer in 1976 . Feel free to ask any questions. After discovering you’re site I shared it with my 6 brothers and sisters to their delite. Wish dad was around to see this. Thank You.

    • MG Lee says:

      Oh, Dan! What an absolute pleasure to hear from you. I don’t know how you found this site or why but I think Bob, who is my husband Tom’s brother, must have been watching over this. Please send your contact info to us @ and we will pass it on to Jack. You must have read Jack’s research on Bob’s journey before his death….lots of work and so wonderful for us to have. Thank you for writing. Mary Gerry Lee

  5. Rosie Bauer says:

    Hi Jack,
    I am the chatty cabin mate you had on the Mn flight to DFW in April.
    I loved meeting you and hearing of your family! I have enjoyed the blog and just today read of the life of “Uncle Bob”.
    Yesterday a church friend mentioned their son and wife are adopting “Tin Tin” a daughter from China. She is 4 and has Downs. I may eventually share your delightful blog with them.

    Rosie B

  6. Lara Clouden says:

    Hi, I am Lara, daughter of Delia and Tyrone from church. They’ve forwarded this blog so I could share in their delight with your family and your approach to raising children, which I can see is creative and loving. I look forward to hearing more about Timothy’s growth and your lovely family.

    • jackblee says:

      Thanks, Lara, for your note. We’re big fans of your parents. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but some mixture of love and a sense of humor works for us. Timothy keeps us on our toes. Jack

  7. MG Lee says:

    How do you come up with the great ideas, Jack? So entertaining and real life!! (I shared this one on my FaceBook page)
    Mr. T is such a character, God bless him! And all of your family also!
    Love you all. Mom/MG/GG

  8. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Fabulous! He looked so adorable in his kurta. And Audrey and Elisabeth’s Indian food was wonderful! Very impressive. It was a fun party. Love you all!! GG and BaPa

  9. I got a call from Suzi Meyer today, and she helped me find this wonderful blog. It’s great fun to catch up on all the news about the Lee clan. Congratulations to us all as our big girls graduate!

  10. Good post! We will be linking to thnis particularly grfeat post on our website.

    Keep up the good writing.

  11. M G LEE says:

    Thank you for the nice Mother’s Day words, Jack. I love you!

  12. M G LEE says:

    Wonderful!! You and Laura so appreciate the little things in life….and look for them!! (not talking about the “Code Brown” moments) Love you all. Mom/MG/GG

  13. mary gerry lee says:

    GREAT PLAY ON WORDS, JACK!!! And another wonderful entry from you.
    Thank you for continuing to remind us all to enjoy and appreciate the special people in our lives…big and small.
    Love you all! XXOO, Timothy’s GG

  14. AJ says:

    arrrrrrr Matey

  15. mary gerry lee says:

    Since the letters on T’s sweatshirt are drawkcab (backward), unless you put it on inside out, you are safe in assuming it is a reverse picture. How does that happen?
    Great entry, Jack!! Love reading about TRBL’s adventures!
    We love you all! XXOO, Mom/MG/GG and Dad/Tom/BaPa

  16. Tim Farley says:

    …and the adventures of Tiny Tim continue! Glad to hear you will get to visit the eldest soon. Safe travels.

  17. mary gerry lee says:

    Timothy Time is the only real time….as you’ve said so many times and we have all been reminded so many times. Thank God he has patient parents and fabulous sisters and marvelous cousins and aunts and uncles and countless friends…and, oh, those grandparents! All of us pulling for him… together.
    Love you all! XXOO, GG and BaPa

  18. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Gorgeous, Jack!!
    Thank you again and again for sharing your thoughts and pithy insights.
    We love you all. Mom and Dad

  19. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    How absolutely fabulous to spend a week with the family and to see how Timothy warmed to the crowd around him. Of course, they were all fighting to get his attention and to play with him so I guess they were easy to love.
    Excellent acronyms and insight, Jack. I love and am so grateful for our family! XXOO, Mom

  20. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    July 28, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    I am so glad that we had 2 opportunities in the last 10 days to spend quality family time with Elisabeth before she embarks on her Grand Adventure. And I got to have coffee with her also….well, she had hot chocolate. Must take after her Dad. We will miss her and pray for her, of course. But, as Tom noted, she seems ready to go.
    God speed, E! We love you! And we love your family! And the rest of our family! And the puppies…oh, you know what I mean. XXOO, Mom/GG and Dad/BaPa

  21. Tim Farley says:

    Big week for you Jack! Prayers for Elisabeth…safe travels, safety, and God’s protective hand throughout. So very very cool that she has a desire to do this global adventure. Will come back with a new perspective no doubt.
    The TRBL Adventure continues to provide entertainment for me…love the ongoing saga of this wonderul lil’ red Irish wippersnapper! Will email you to get some time together.

  22. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Just fabulous, Jack!! Can’t wait to have a week with Timothy…and the rest of our family…in SC.
    I love you all. Mom

  23. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    What a great picture of Timothy with Evan! Sounds like you and Laura and Timo had an exciting Fourth of July. I hope you had none of those passengers on the return flight so they can have time to forget the little Redhead. Thanks for another great blog. We love you all. XXOO, GG and BaPa

  24. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    This was spectacular, Jack! I even posted it on my FaceBook page. Thank God for your blogs or my page would be boring. We love you all. Mom and Dad

  25. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    What a beautiful post, Jack. For TRBL and for Mark, your remarks were right on!
    I love you.

  26. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    OMG!! First, a wonderful, thoughtful post….and then an ode to your Dad. Priceless, Jack!! We love you all. Mom and Dad

  27. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Well, talk about cute pictures!! Timothy is every bit as photogenic as your beautiful Girls!
    Glad you had such a good time with Mary Ann, et al. We love you all. GG and BaPa

  28. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    2 Responses to Jungle Boy

    jinna says:

    May 9, 2013 at 9:47 am

    ha ha ha! what an awesome little monkey boy! miss you guys!


    Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    May 8, 2013 at 8:01 am

    OMG! Those are the cutest pictures! Did Catherine take those also?
    I know what to get you for Father’s Day, Jack….a pair of garden knee protectors. You can start a new fashion trend…knee pads over khakis, suit pants, bare knees. Endless possibilities.
    And, of course, fancy ones for Laura…..before her knees start talking to her also.
    We love you all! XXOO, GG and BaPa

  29. The Smartest LEE says:

    The man knew who gave him food and made sure that he got extra food for his tough work of forming a simple 4 letters into a word… FINALLY!

  30. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    What a wonderful look into Family Life! Thank you, Jack and Laura and Elisabeth and Catherine, for allowing us to glimpse your world. We love you. GG and BaPa

  31. Tim Farley says:

    Good to see you survived Plunge year #2 Jack…the Heggies Pizza team did it again this year. 7 Farley’s on the team this year plus a few friends. Clearly YOU are to blame my friend…for my family setting up this new tradition of jumping into icycles!!! I love the picture of you covering your eyes as I’m guessing you are thinking, “why…why…why…”

  32. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Congratulations on another Plunge!! So many warm-hearted participants! All for a great cause! We love you all. Mom/MG/GG and Dad/Tom/BaPa

  33. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Friends in low places can be the best kind, Timo…..especially if your Dad is among them. But keep your Mom top of the list, Kiddo. She controls your universe right now…..and aren’t you the lucky little guy to have such a great Mommy!!
    We love you and your Mom and Dad and beautiful Big Sisters. XXOO, GG and BaPa

  34. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Dear Jack and Laura,
    One thing is for sure….Timo will have a wicked sense of humor!!
    And your sense of humor (meaning all of you) will see you through many TRBLing times!
    Fabulous entry! We love you all, Mom/MG/GG and Dad/Tom/BaPa

  35. Kelly says:

    Great news about the hearing test! I love your blog and being so far away, it’s so nice to hear your stories and see photos. Big hugs for the whole Lee clan! besos, Kelly, Toni, Toni Jr and Aina!

  36. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Or maybe I should say HEAR-ay!!
    So happy Timothy cleared this potential hurdle.
    We love you all!! XXOO, GG and BaPa

  37. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Dear Jack,

    Wow! Wow!! and double Wow!!!

    You are so open and honest …..and funny! I am so proud of you and Laura and Elisabeth and Catherine!

    Thank you for the blog. We are truly all better for it. I love you. Mom

  38. Mary Gerry and Tom Lee says:

    Dear Lees,
    Now that we have been gone for a while (here in AZ), it is so fun to read the updates. We don’t get to witness the fun in person… for us anyway.
    Just a delightful blog, Jack. Keep it up! You and Laura are amazing! And I’m so glad to see that Jackson and A.J. are following Timo and commenting.
    We love you all. XXOO, GG and BaPa


    Don’t run us over with your lightning mcqueen car.

  40. Cousin J says:

    Hey Timo, enjoy life in your strollers before you’re forced to walk everywhere. hope you Enjoy your Lightning McQueen car. And hope my good looks rub off on you.

  41. Bjork Ostrom says:

    Hey there Lees! Greetings from Cebu! Every once in a while Lindsay and I are able to jump on to your site and gawk and TRBL pictures. It can be dangerous though, because once you start it’s hard to stop. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  42. Carol and John Michalke says:

    We love your notes and pictures! May you all have a very Blessed Christmas!
    With lots of love from the Michalkes

  43. Mary Gerry Lee says:

    Dear Jack and Laura and Elisabeth and Catherine and Timothy,
    So glad you are continuing the blog. Everyone has grown from reading the “Adventures of Timothy” including, or rather especially, all of the Lees.
    Look forward to continuing to learn from Timothy.
    We love you all. Mom/MG/GG and Dad/Tom/BaPa

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