Hey, how do I use this blog?

TRBL New blog Frequently Asked Questions

mom and T

* How to receive email updates for new entries on the new blog?

Click on the ‘ + Follow’ icon in the lower right or top of this screen and input your email.  Send me an email, at jackblee@aol.com if you have any trouble.


* How to make a comment on the blog?

There are two ways:

1) General comment — Go to the ‘Guestbook of TRBL’, and scroll down to ‘Reply’ and leave a comment.

2) Comment on an individual entry –Go to the bottom of the entry (after ‘Grateful, The Lees’) and click on ‘Leave a Comment’

You can read any comments left in these two places — in the Guestbook or by clicking at the end of an entry (where it say ‘1 comment’ if a comment has been left).

Girls as doctors

* Why did we move the blog from Caring Bridge?

Timothy isn’t sick, and so we don’t want to use Caring Bridge’s free website when it could better serve others who are truly in need.


* What is that ‘R’ in TRBL section?

A story of my uncle Bob in World War II, as told through his letters home, and for whom Timothy is named (ie, my uncle is the Robert in Timothy Robert Brandon Lee, or  the ‘R’ in TRBL).

Hey, while you're up, can you find me a shirt?

* Need tech support?

Email me at jackblee@aol.com

T surprised

* Have suggestions or complaints?

If you have suggestions about how to improve the website, send me an email at jackblee@aol.com.  Timothy insists on handling all complaints himself.

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